AquaOx's mission is to bring the
purest, healthiest water to every
home in America.

About Us

Our journey began in 2006 We started to notice a discoloration of our home water supply and thought “what could possibly be in this water?”.

The idea of removing harmful elements from our water before it entered our bodies was not a new concept but one that struck “home” with us. We decided to start a company that would supply a product that would protect our families.

Designed for
a peace of mind

We wanted to make sure that the product we developed would operate maintenance-free for a very long time and do it’s job: protect our families from harmful contaminants coming into the house.

We wanted to make it DIY easy

We engineered the tank to be easy to install so that any homeowner that was confident in cutting pipes could install the system. It’s a simple 1″ in and 1″ out connection that can be installed by a licensed plumber or yourself if you like to be your own handyman.

A filter developed for lifelong

Health Protective

Whole House

10 Year Elite Warranty

Environmentally Conscious

We are proud to be veteran owned.

Learn of our discounts to our veterans and those serving.



12 Month Money
Back Guarantee