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Hard Water Is Harder On Your Health Than You May Think

Hard water has long been known to cause issues for plumbing and household appliances.

The health effects of hard water on your body, are worth knowing about.

Hard water comes from the presence of calcium and magnesium compounds in the water. Usually these are chlorides or sulphates. Many years ago, the presence of these compounds was thought to be good in water, effectively a free dietary supplement. Calcium being good for bones and teeth after all.

Evidence and studies are now showing, that hard water is actually far from good for you.

Dermatologists and various health organizations, have started recognizing that hard water is commonly associated with eczema getting worse. So if you have eczema, and live in a hard water area, you unfiltered water is causing a serious decrease in quality of life for you.

That is just one of the health issues that comes with hard water.

Scientific studies by Elsevier have indicated that consumption of hard water, also leads to increased likelihood of urinary tract stone formation, with other contaminants playing a part in this. Something that can be exceedingly unpleasant. And well worth avoiding.

which cause even more unpleasant health issues.

Magnesium in water has been linked to various cancers in numerous studies. You will discover more about this later. The reality is that, the minerals in hard water interact differently with contaminants, causing health issues.

So filtering out the various contaminants, eliminating the negative effects of magnesium and other things, and getting pure water has to be a good thing for you.

In many ways.

If you really wish to get even better effects then combining with a water softener will really do amazing things for you.