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Trihalomethanes In The Water Supply And Increased Risk Of Cancer

Trihalomethanes in the water supply have been linked to:

Scientific studies, which included water hardness plus other factors lead to the following being noted:

“There was no evidence of an interaction of drinking-water TTHM levels with low Ca intake via drinking water. However, evidence of an interaction was noted between drinking-water TTHM concentrations and Mg intake via drinking water. Our findings showed that the correlation between TTHM exposure and risk of rectal cancer is influenced by Mg in drinking water.”
Kuo HW, Chen PS, Ho SC, Wang LY, Yang CY
Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, College of Health Sciences, Kaohsiung Medical University

Whilst the quoted example references only rectal cancer, reports from other studies regarding other cancers types echo the correlation between trihalomethanes and magnesium.

Trihalomethane is far from healthy for your body. Having it in any level in your body is going to cause health issues.

So filtering out trihalomethane before it gets anywhere near your faucets has to be a good thing to do.

For the health of your whole family.

A whole house water filter removes TTHMS before they get anywhere near your loved ones. And with our system, you won’t have to worry about the house filter needing to be replaced.