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AquaOx Can Help You & The World.

Health Benefits

Advantages of Water Filteration

AquaOx will contribute to your overall health – inside and out – by filtering out many contaminants you ingest (drinking), absorb (showering, washing) and breathe (vapors from showering, running water, etc.). Many of these are either known or suspected causing-cancer agents. They can interfere with a variety of body processes. They can be toxic to many organs and tissues, including the heart, bones, intestines, kidneys, brain, liver and reproductive and nervous systems.



Healthy Digestion


Weight Loss

Showering / Washing


Healthier Hair

Relieves Headaches

Minimize Risk of Skin Conditions



Tackles Flu and Coughs

Helps to Heal Wounds

Healthy Respiratory System

Food Preparation


Better Memory

Joint Pain

Reduced Risks of Illness

Environmental Benefits

The Green Water Filter System

Good-bye Water Bottles

People buy bottled water for taste and quality concerns, but often feel guilty about the environmental impact of manufacturing, and disposing of, plastic bottles. AquaOx eliminates the guilt by making the purchase of bottled water no longer necessary.

Less Detergent, More Fulfilling

The purified water created by AquaOx reduces the amount of detergent needed for washing clothes and dishes. This, in turn, reduces the amount of contaminants in wastewater. Something else you can feel good about.

Plumbing and Appliance Benefits

Protect Your Home From the Elements

Did you know that installing a whole house water filter can save more than your bodies? Your appliances will last longer from the purified water flowing through their systems. Here are some home benefits to having a whole house water filter installed in your house.


Contaminants in water build-up inside pipes, constricting the water flow and causing corrosion from the inside.


Contaminants in water clog internal screens and valves. This leads to maintenance, replacement and unnecessary expense.


Rubber toilet components and O-rings in faucets are destroyed by chlorine. More unnecessary expense.

Sinks and
Bath Tubs

Contaminants in water lead to staining and rings that can increase maintenance costs. This problem can even become permanent leading to premature replacement.


Contaminants found in water contribute to the premature failure of household appliances such as coffee makers and dishwashers by clogging tubes with buildup and attacking rubber components.


Good for up to 4 Bathrooms | Up to 15 gpm output | 2 million+ gallons

Starting at $122/ month* or $3,499.00

Starting at 0% with

Starting at $48/mo with . Prequalify now

SKU: AquaOx1-1

AquaOx XL

4+ Bathrooms | Up to 37 gpm output | 3million+ gallons | Large Houses | Commercial Buildings

Starting at $174/ month* or $4,999.00

Starting at 0% with

Starting at $48/mo with . Prequalify now

SKU: AquaOx1-XL

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