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AquaOx DF 7 – Garden Hose Water Filter – Agriculture


The AquaOx DF 7 hooks up to a garden hose and provides 100,000 gallons of use! It removes 99.999% of harmful viruses and bacteria from the water. The AquaOx DF 7 can work in tandem with an existing RO system or as a stand alone defense for your greenhouse or garden. The DF 7 can also be hooked up to a water line coming into a food truck or RV to provide clean water inside the vehicle.

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Superior Garden Hose Water Filtration

What is Quantum Disinfection™?

Quantum Disinfection™ (QD) is a new technology that uses the quantum mechanic principles of electron movement to create catalytic active surfaces (positively charged) that can disintegrate any microorganism instantly, upon contact.

In more detail, QD refers to (1) a technology that allows the creation of (2) new composite materials with (3) particular disinfection capacities:

  1. The QD technology uses the general principals of the “Doping” technique, recently
    discovered in the filed of advanced semiconductors, coupled with the high disinfection
    proprieties of cationic Silver;
  2. The QD media represents alumina based ceramics (fig. & tab. here bellow) tuned with
    one layer of titanium dioxide (called Acceptor Support) and another layer of silver (called
    Active Phase). These two layers influence each other and create at the alumna surface a
    strong cationic filed, + 1.4 eV (called Active Surface);
  3. The QD phenomenon is related to the disintegration of the microorganisms that touched
    the Active Surface of the QD media. The strong cationic filed attracts and rips of the
    electrons from the external membranes, enzymatic layers or DNA reproducible sequences of
    any microorganism that get into a direct contact with the QD media.
bacteria filtration media

Bacteria and Virus Removal Chart

Microorganism (MO)MO typeBest germicide
(log reduction/100ml)
Certified Laboratory
Pseudomonas aeruginosaBacterialog 7PIL, Proteus
Escherichia coliBacterialog 7EPA, Avazyme, Eurofine,
Microbac, Proteus,
Ackuritlabs, GDCM, BFML
Staphylococcus aureusBacterialog 7PIL, Proteus, BFML
Eterococcus hiraeBacterialog 10Ackuritlabs, PIL, Proteus
Legionella adelaidensisBacterialog 6Proteus
Citrobacter spBacterialog 5PIL
MS2Viruslog 6Avazyme, QFT Laboratory
Candida albicansYeastlog 5Proteus
Anabaena constrictaAlgaelog 5Proteus
CryptosporidiumProtozoalog 5Eurofines

How does Quantum Disinfection™ Work To Treat Bacteria and Viruses?

Obviously, the germicidal capacities of the QD media are acquired due to the presence of the silver at their surface. In the same time, besides the efforts of the scientists from all over the world, the action mechanism of silver against microorganisms remains is not entirely understood. Our hypothesis for our QD silver based product is the following:

The silver at the QD surfaces is in a high cationic state (1.4 eV). This electron discharge is achieved due to the presence of the TiO2 layer which, in the QD spacial spatial arrangement, size and bonding level, influence the Ag layer as follows: the big cation Ti4+ of the TiO2 (the layer called “Acceptor Support”), attracts closer to it the electrons from the silver above (Step 1, fig.). Due to the Ag high conductivity capacities, this effect migrates through the silver aggregates up til their surfaces. As a consequence, the surface of the QD media found itself in lack of electrons and acts just like a discharged active field powerful enough to ripoff the electrons (e-) from any microorganisms with which it comes into a direct contact (Step 2).

Moreover, once removed for the microorganisms (MO), the e- are instantly released in the water, without no influence on the electron discharged field at the surface of the QD media (Step 3). This catalytic behavior induce a permanent germicidal activity ensuring that no microorganism can stay alive once in contact with Quantum Disinfection™ media. As a conclusion, the QD electron discharged field causes the entire structure of the microorganisms to collapse at the quantum level, instantly, at contact. TPC measurements confirm the bacteria (E. coli) DNA is also instantly destroyed in this electron exchange. Any microorganism that touches the Quantum Disinfection™ media is ceases to exist completely.


Removes more than 99.9% of bacteria from the water.


– Water volume: more than 100,000 gallons of use

– Water Flow Rate: 7 GPM

Taking a water break from your garden hose sounds like an excellent idea until you consider the health hazards. If the water comes from the tap or well, chances are, it’s rich in contaminants and heavy metals.

But the good news is you can install a revolutionary garden hose filter to eliminate pathogens, chlorine, lead, and other harmful contaminants. That’s where the AquaOx DF7 comes into the picture!

Does a Garden Hose Filter Reduce Chlorine?

Although communities deliberately add chlorine to fight pathogens and contaminants, the chemical can also harm your plants and create toxic byproducts by reacting with organic matter.

But garden hoses with carbon block filters have the ability to reduce chlorine and chloramine alongside heavy metals and pesticides. Let’s discuss in-depth how your garden hose filter help reduce chlorine:

Why Is Chlorine Bad for Your Garden Hose?

Elevated chlorine levels can damage car paints, causes respiratory diseases, and harm plant tissues. But there’s more:

  • Damages Car’s Coating- Washing your car using a garden hose with tap water can damage its clear coating and promote corrosion. Without its coating, your car’s paint becomes susceptible to UV rays, leading to fading.

  • Affects the Growth of Plants- Failing to protect your plants from chlorine can cause reactions between heavy metals and chlorine in the irrigation system. Additionally, chlorine can react with fertilizers in your lawns, which encourages the growth of toxic compounds.

  • Impacts Your Health- Excessive chlorine intake can also hurt your respiratory system, especially since its gaseous form can irritate and corrode the skin, eyes, and lungs.

How Does a Garden Hose Filter Purify Water?

Chlorine is notorious for its disinfecting properties and is added to municipal water to kill pathogens, making it safe for consumption. But, in excessive amounts, chlorine can be a toxic and corrosive substance that promotes rust, damages car paint, and harms plants.

Installing a garden hose filter can eliminate contaminants, bacteria, and chemicals from our home’s tap water, including chlorine. Particularly, hoses with granular activated carbon installed within can combat pathogens, herbicides, heavy metals like lead, and many other chemicals.

The carbon cartridge contains granulated carbon boasting a porous structure. Thus, the carbon filter effectively adsorbs the chlorine alongside VOCs, hard water minerals, pesticides, and chloramine. What’s more, the chlorine adorbs onto the granulated carbon filter without slowing the flow rate or pressure of the water.

Using a Garden Hose Water Filter For Your Greenhouse or Garden

When we water a plant, it absorbs the water through its roots, then through its vascular system, it sends the water into its stems, leaves, buds, and fruit. When you supply the plant with contaminated water, the toxins will disperse throughout the plant.

While this is not a concern for purely ornamental plants, fruit and vegetables producing ones can become a host of diseases and illnesses. Sometimes, contaminated water can cause discoloration, funky odors, stunted growth, or death in plants. Thus, water quality is crucial to your plant’s growth and edibility.

For instance, high soluble salts- which harden water- can damage plants’ roots, resulting in low nutrient uptake. On the other hand, highly alkaline water can affect the soil pH and can even create a hazardous environment.

How Can a Garden Hose Filter Help Beautify Your Garden?

If you’re like most people using tap water to water the garden, it’s likely your plants are soaking up heavy metals, herbicides, and soluble salts that stunt their growth. Installing a garden hose filter, similar to a kitchen water filter, can help eliminate chemicals, pollutants, and solid particles from tap water.

In addition, filtering your garden hose offers you the peace of mind that your plants can access clean water to grow healthy and beautiful. Not only do these high-quality filters protect your plan from toxic heavy metals and excess minerals, but they also provide essential nutrients.

Here are a few benefits of filtering your garden house:

  • Increases Growth and Yield- A garden hose water filter can effectively remove contaminant buildup in the plant’s root system and provide it with the minerals necessary for larger sizes and yield.

  • Promotes a Stable pH- Using a filter ensures your plants receive balanced water, which ensures their healthy growth.

Using a Garden Hose Filter for RV Drinking Water

When traveling with an RV, you also introduce yourself to different flavors and qualities of water. In some campgrounds, you’ll find city water, whereas others attach their systems to well water comprising rusty, muddy, or murky water.

Therefore, it’s important to ensure that you have clean drinking water for cooking, drinking, and showering. That’s why a high-quality water filter is a must for full-time and part-time RVers. Let’s discuss how an RV water filter is essential:

Why Do RVers Need a Garden Hose Filter?

Garden hose filters are RVs’ most widely used filtration systems due to their effectiveness and versatility. Most garden hose filters are compact and can easily be mounted anywhere. Additionally, they process all the water entering your RV, ensuring its clean and safe for consumption.

The granulated carbon cartridge will block pathogens and microbes from entering your water, ensuring no toxins in your RV system. Besides this, the porous carbon filter adsorbs heavy metals and other contaminants, which successfully removes bad taste, smell, and color.

In addition, modified carbon blocks manufactured from fibers and a slurry of carbon promote superior filtration. These granular carbon filters have a very small micron rating which helps remove microbes and soluble salts without compromising the water flow.

The Bottom Line

Clean, safe, and healthy water are essential for your garden as it is for your body. To ensure your plants grow healthily and beautifully, you must install a high-quality water filter in your garden hose. At the same time, carrying a garden hose filter while traveling ensures you always have access to high-quality drinking water.

Replacing your filters with a Quantum Disinfection helps ensure no microorganism reaches your drinking water. The presence of silver and TiO2 stunts germicidal activity, which ensures no microorganism stays alive after coming in contact with the QD media. Furthermore, its granular activated carbon shell helps ereduce cholor, organic components, and funky smells.

Ensure high-quality, safe water by installing a revolutionary DF 7 filter in your garden hose!


Weight 1.51875 lbs
Dimensions 13.0625 × 2.625 × 3.125 in


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AquaOx DF 7 - Garden Hose Water Filter - Agriculture AquaOx DF 7 - Garden Hose Water Filter - Agriculture
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