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You Need To Protect Your Family And Your Health By Ensuring You Only Have Safe Pure Water Coming From Every Faucet In Your Entire Home. Things Like That Rotten Egg Smell, Chlorine And Other Contaminants Affect Your Health. A Good Water Filtration System Throughout Your Home Helps You Get Truly Healthy.

Whole house water filter, this in short is the way to ensure that you entire home, and everyone within it, is getting pure safe water you desire. From every faucet.

Water is essential to life.

You know this, so well. You also know that clean, pure water is important for your health. You have checked this, and you know some of the issues, especially health issues, that come from water that has contaminants.

With skin conditions, like eczema, being greatly affected by water quality.

There are of course other reasons for getting a whole house water filter installed. Around the US, many people are living in areas where lead, mercury and other contaminants are a problem. Different contaminants affect your health in various ways, they also affect your piping and plumbing, in a big way.

So, getting a whole house water filter handling the water throughout your entire home, is a great thing to do. Especially when, you wish for your whole family to live long, happy lives.

Whole House Water Filter Facts To Help You Best Protect Your Family

If you have never really researched what happens in your water supply, you will be surprised.

There are some key things you need to know before making any decisions.

While tap water may seem OK.

Not everything that looks clean and good, is clean and good. There are lots of things that you are unable to see, smell or taste, that can be affecting your health in ways you would be very unhappy about.

Go through the information on this page.

Check the studies and know what issues are present in your water supply.

Also, flowing through and come to know the various benefits of having pure water, that are important to the health of you and your family.

But, if you already know these things. And know that because of the reputation of the AquaOx whole house water filtration system, that it is exactly the right thing for you.

Feel free to skip ahead and just order the water filtration system your home needs now!

What’s A Water Filter?

What’s a water filter?

Very simply a water filter is something which cleans water. It removes things from the water that can cause problems, both for your health and your plumbing.

If you have your own well, then there are lots of things you would not wish to have in the water you drink, or your washing.

Even when you have piped water from your local water company there can be lots of contaminants. Especially things like chlorine, which are used to keep water free from bacteria. Having bacteria in your water is bad, having chlorine in your water is bad too.

These are just the common things.

There are a great many things which are invisible.

And undetectable, without special equipment. Lots of unpleasant, and unhealthy, chemicals can be in your water. A whole house water filter is how you get rid of them. With better grades of water filter removing more of the unhealthy chemicals and problems, that affect your life and your health.

Water Filtration System And Pure Water What You Need To Know!

What comes through unfiltered water systems is in reality far from pure water.

The various things contaminating the water can cause lots of problems. For your home and your health. These are the very things you need to know about. So you can take steps to protect your health, protect your family and some locations protect your home too.

These are the two main categories that problems from using unfiltered water fall into.

It is well worth your your time to learn more. Then you can properly understand how important having filtered pure water is.

For everything important in your life.

Your Health Know The Risk Contaminants Carry Through Unfiltered Water Systems

With modern life being what it is, there are a lot of chemicals that get into your water supply.

A great many of those can have really bad effects on your health. With the young and the old being particularly at risk. All living things have different levels of sensitivity to their environment.

With older and younger people being most sensitive in general.

Naturally there are those with certain medical conditions that become even more sensitive to their environment.

Water, and its purity being a big part of that.

We drink it, wash with it, bathe in it. So we owe it to ourselves to ensure we have a good quality supply of pure water. For everything we use water for.

Lead And Water Supply Contaminants There Are Places With Higher Risk Than Flint MI

Likely you have awareness of the issues that happened in Flint, Michigan.

That the residents of the city had shocking levels of lead in their water, as the city cut costs wherever it could due to economic crisis. The water was brown coming from the taps of citizens.

It smelled terrible.

And people knew there were problems with it that would cause health risks.

That situation did get addressed. And Flint is now recovering, though it will take a long time. From some of the contaminants, there is little opportunity for recovery though. Once ingested, they are in.

The issue goes way beyond Flint MI though.

Studies by Reuters have found 3,810 areas in the US with water supply lead levels, twice that of Flint.

In addition to this the Environmental Working Group has reported finding 40,000 water systems (81% of the total) with contaminants linked to cancer.

How Safe Is Tap Water? Learn More About 9 Of The Dangers Flowing Through Unfiltered


These are dangers coming from an unfiltered water supply. Across the US. In various states, counties, cities, towns and neighbourhoods. These health dangers are present in various places in the water supply.

1. Hard Water Is Harder On Your Health Than You May Think

Hard water has long been known to cause issues for plumbing and household appliances.

The health effects of hard water on your body, are worth knowing about.

Hard water comes from the presence of calcium and magnesium compounds in the water. Usually these are chlorides or sulphates. Many years ago, the presence of these compounds was thought to be good in water, effectively a free dietary supplement. Calcium being good for bones and teeth after all.

Evidence and studies are now showing, that hard water is actually far from good for you.

Dermatologists and various health organizations, have started recognizing that hard water is commonly associated with eczema getting worse. So if you have eczema, and live in a hard water area, you unfiltered water is causing a serious decrease in quality of life for you.

That is just one of the health issues that comes with hard water.

Scientific studies by Elsevier have indicated that consumption of hard water, also leads to increased likelihood of urinary tract stone formation, with other contaminants playing a part in this. Something that can be exceedingly unpleasant. And well worth avoiding.

which cause even more unpleasant health issues.

Magnesium in water has been linked to various cancers in numerous studies. You will discover more about this later. The reality is that, the minerals in hard water interact differently with contaminants, causing health issues.

So filtering out the various contaminants, eliminating the negative effects of magnesium and other things, and getting pure water has to be a good thing for you.

In many ways.

If you really wish to get even better effects then combining with a water softener will really do amazing things for you.

2. Rotten Egg Smell What It Really Is And What It Is Doing To Your Body

The rotten egg smell comes from hydrogen sulfide.

A gas which is incredibly toxic, corrosive, and flammable. It can be deadly.

Hydrogen sulfide can poison the body in many different ways. The nervous system is what tends to be the most affected. The toxicity of hydrogen sulfide is very similar to carbon monoxide, something for which most homes have detectors and alarms now.

Hydrogen Sulfide binds with iron within the body, and from there prevents cellular respiration.

While there are enzymes to deal with it, as it occurs in small levels within the body. Beyond a certain amount, those enzymes become overwhelmed.

In industrial settings, workers carry alarms set to around 5 parts per million, in order to keep them safe.

Lower concentrations, even short term, can cause eye irritation, sore throats, coughing, nausea, shortness of breath and also fluid in the lungs. Much of the time you could think these things are being caused by a wide number of other things too.

Longer-term exposure can, of course, lead to even bigger health issues.

Hence the reason the KDF® 85 filter, is one of the stages in the AquaOx whole house water filter system. And while it is the most effective means of filtering hydrogen sulfide from your water, we still have it backed up by Centaur Catalytic Adsorptive Carbon, just to be sure!

3. Chlorine And The Effects It Has On Your Mind And Body

Chlorine has been used in water for a very long time.

In swimming pools and in drinking water supply to kill bacteria, and make water safer to use.

Chlorine, however, causes other problems. It is a highly reactive chemical, and when it connects with your body the results are never good.

For a start, chlorinated water accelerates the aging process.

This happens because chlorinated water removes many of the natural oils in your skin that hold moisture in. Which leads to dry and itchy skin. You have noticed this after having a shower or bath at times, and possibly after being swimming in a pool too. Perhaps you never realised why. Until now.

Chlorine And Bacteria The Wider Picture On Chlorinated Water

Many people hear bacteria and immediately think, oh no!

The fact is that while there are harmful bacteria, which can be found in many places. And getting rid of them is good, especially when you want to stay as healthy as possible, and live a good life.

There are good bacteria too.

If, you have an interest in staying healthy. And, you want to ensure you do the best for you body.

Then you know there are important, good bacteria inside you. Especially in your gut.

There are also important good bacteria, that keep you healthy, on your skin. Though when you have chlorinated water coming through your faucets, those good bacteria suffer. Which causes your skin to suffer more too.

On the inside, chlorine is affecting your body too.

One point of note on this, is that published reports have revealed increased risk of colorectal cancers in people exposed to chlorinated drinking water, or chemical derivatives of chlorination.

So filtering chlorine out of your water supply, before it gets near you in any way.

Is a good thing.

So in the AquaOx water filtration system we include a KDF® 55 filter to remove chlorine from your water supply. And to back that up, we also put an Activated Coconut Shell Carbon filter in too. Which works to filter any residual chlorine, as well as any chlorinated solvents too.

Through the AquaOx whole house water filter, we work to help you be truly healthy.

4. Fluoride The Unhealthy Side Of What Scientists Put Into The Water Supply In Good Faith

Fluoride was put into the piped water supply decades ago, on a national level.

It was added to water, as dentists and scientists believed it would help combat tooth decay. And the evidence is around to support that.

There is however also a growing mound of evidence, that Fluoride causes some very unpleasant health issues. So while the Fluoride present in your water supply, may well have been helping your teeth, it also may well have been doing a number of other things you would wish it hadn’t.

The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology has the following to say on Fluoride:

“Fluoride is known to impact the cardiovascular, central nervous, digestive, endocrine, immune, integumentary, renal, respiratory, and skeletal systems, and exposure to fluoride has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, infertility, and many other adverse health outcomes, including fluoride toxicity.”

And this is coming from dentists and experts in toxicology.

On its own Fluoride can have unpleasant effects. Add to other things discussed here, and those effects can easily become amplified.

You have Fluoride in toothpaste and various other things.

Filtering it out of your water supply could have some serious health benefits for you.

And your family.

5. Polychlorinated Biphenyls AKA PCBs In Your Water Supply

Polycholriated Biphenyls, or PCBs, were once widely used as coolants because of there chemical properties where heat is concerned. They went into various household appliances like your refrigerator. At least until the 1960’s when various problems were noticed with them.

PCB production was banned in the US in 1978.

Some of the health issues they can cause, according to the Oregon Health Authority are;

  • Acne and rashes
  • Liver and kidney dysfunction
  • Depression and fatigue
  • Nose and lung irritation
  • Increased risk of cancer
  • Developmental problems in children

The federal government set the limit for PCBs in drinking water as 500 ppt (parts per trillion), under the safe drinking water standard, which is also referred to as the maximum contaminant level.

So you would be forgiven thinking that such tiny, tiny amounts were safe.


PCBs are what are known as a persistent organic pollutant. They endure in the ecosystem unless filtered out. Continuing on for generations, cycling through the food chain and the water supply. Which may sound OK on the surface. But there is more to this.

PCBs are bioaccumulative.

Bioaccumulation is where things build up, accumulate, within a biological system.

In this case it means that over time, even when ingested in tiny, tiny amounts via your water supply. Through drinking water, washing in water in the shower or bath, or even from contact with clothing and sheets washed in contaminated water.

They build up inside of you.

So realistically, even at 500 parts per trillion, which is almost imperceptible. There is still risk to you. Especially over time. As they accumulate within your body as you go about your daily routine, showering, washing food and clothing, plus of course drinking water.

Unless you have a filtration system that can remove them. And the Oregon Health Authority state that:

PCBs can be reduced below 500 ppt in drinking water using granular activated carbon filtration.

Naturally, the AquaOx whole house water filter does have this ability.

Worthwhile, right.

6. Trihalomethanes In The Water Supply And Increased Risk Of Cancer

Trihalomethanes in the water supply have been linked to:

Scientific studies, which included water hardness plus other factors lead to the following being noted:

“There was no evidence of an interaction of drinking-water TTHM levels with low Ca intake via drinking water. However, evidence of an interaction was noted between drinking-water TTHM concentrations and Mg intake via drinking water. Our findings showed that the correlation between TTHM exposure and risk of rectal cancer is influenced by Mg in drinking water.”
Kuo HW, Chen PS, Ho SC, Wang LY, Yang CY
Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, College of Health Sciences, Kaohsiung Medical University

Whilst the quoted example references only rectal cancer, reports from other studies regarding other cancers types echo the correlation between trihalomethanes and magnesium.

Trihalomethane is far from healthy for your body. Having it in any level in your body is going to cause health issues.

So filtering out trihalomethane before it gets anywhere near your faucets has to be a good thing to do.

For the health of your whole family.

A whole house water filter removes trihalomethanes before they get anywhere near your loved ones. And with our system, you won’t have to worry about the filter needing to be replaced.

7. Lead An Age Old Threat Which Carries On In The General Water Supply

As mentioned earlier, lead in the water supply is still an issue in many areas of the US.

With at least 3,810 areas known to have high levels of lead in their water supply.

The fact is the only safe level of lead in water is zero. If there is lead in your water, then your health, and the health of your family. Is at risk.

Even the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences agrees with this point:

“No amount of lead is safe. Eliminating all lead exposure in our environment is our best course of action.”

Pure and simple.

Lead in water has been linked to decreases in the level of I.Q. In children.

As an indication of the types of things that can happen to the health of a child from consuming lead, from water or anything else. The following have been noted by NIEHS.

At levels below 10 micrograms per deciliter. Noting that 1 liter is a tenth of a deciliter, so that’s 0.000001 grams per liter, just to give you an idea how small an amount we are talking about here.

At that amount of lead per liter of water, there are associations with increased behavioral problems, decreased cognitive performance, loss of hearing ability, late maturing of the body and assorted issues with growth and height.

So in a standard glass of water, which is 8 ounces, or 240 milliliters.

That’s 0.00000024 grams of lead or less.

That can cause those health issues.

Yet at levels below 5 micrograms per liter, which is 0.00000012 grams per standard glass of water. Some of those issues can still happen. And in many ways, even at the lower level, the effects are incredibly damaging to anyone’s, especially a child’s, life.

Even at the lower level, below 5 micrograms per liter, lower IQ scores and decreased academic achievement have been noted. Plus issues like behavioral problems, including attention-related behavioral issues. With attention deficient hyperactivity disorderADHD, being among those issues.

All from just tiny amounts of lead in your water supply.

Even as an adult, lead has an effect on your brain, and your ability to think. Lead in your water also brings host of other health issues too.

Below 5 micrograms per liter of water there are some additional unpleasant effects for adults. Decreased kidney function being one. Your kidneys are two of the most vital organs in your body. They filter and clean your blood, and keep you healthy. When they become less effective, you have issues with fatigue and toxins can build up in your body creating other health challenges.

If you are pregnant, or planning on having a family, small amounts of lead can be bad.

Even below 5 micrograms per liter, reduced fetal growth has been noted by scientists.

Start going above 10 micrograms per liter and health challenges with things like increased blood pressure, hypertension, tremors and the incidence of essential tremor start coming.

Lead has a far from pleasant effect on the central nervous system. And your central nervous system is critical to everything you do in life. The electrical impulses that travel along your nerves, let you know what is happening. They also carry signals that tell your muscles and limbs what to do.

Eating, writing, driving even just sitting and enjoying a TV show needs a healthy central nervous system.

As soon as it starts degrading, many things in life becoming challenging.

Go above 15 micrograms of lead per liter of water, that’s 0.00000036 grams per standard glass of water. And increased cardiovascular effects are noticeable. As are greatly decreased kidney function and fertility problems. There can be delays with conception, with adverse effects on both the male and female reproductive systems.

These things are just from short term exposure.

Longer term, even with small amounts. The effects can be even greater, and can also result in things like cataracts and loss of vision.

There is zero safe level of lead in water. Period.

And with public health incidents like Flint MI, plus the noted elevated levels of lead in the water supply all around the country.

It is truly worth ensuring that you have a water filtration system that filters the lead out of your water. Throughout your entire home.

So that every faucet in your entire home has safe, drinkable, pure water for you and your family.

Lead free, pure water, is critical to enjoying a good quality of life.

8. Mercury The Persistence This Heavy Metal Has In The Water Supply And Its Effect On Health

Mercury is well known to many people.

It is that silver colored substance, which is usually seen in liquid form. It has been used in household things, like thermometers, for a great many years.

It is incredibly toxic, and comes in many forms including compounds such as methylmercury.

As with lead, there as basically zero safe level, other than the total absence of mercury, in whatever you are drinking or consuming. And as with various other chemicals, it is bioaccumulative.

So even tiny amounts, build up in your body over time.

Leading to various issues.

The National Library of Medicine cites various health issues that arise from mercury ingestion, this includes its various compounds such as methylmercury.

In the short-term exposure to mercury can cause unpleasant health issues such as lung irritation and damage, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, plus increased blood pressure. It can also result in loss of coordination, numbness and loss of sensation. As well as skin rashes and eye irritation. And that is just short-term.

Long-term exposure to mercury can lead to issues including brain and kidney damage. Damage to developing fetuses. Incidents of tremors, and increased feeling of numbness. There can also be reductions in vision and hearing abilities, plus memory problems. Along with muscle weakness.

Also highly noteworthy is that for children exposed to mercury during pregnancy. Problems with motor and cognitive difficulties, and other sensory issues can arise.

Mercury can be massively damaging to your health.

Even in tiny amounts.

That said the safe level for mercury, set on federal level, is 0.002 micrograms per liter. And with mercury being a chemical which is known to bioaccumulate, there is realistically zero safe level for it.

The safest thing for the health of you and your loved ones, is to filter it out to the highest degree possible.

Removing as much of it as possible from your piped water supply with a whole house water filter, before the water gets anywhere near your faucets.

Protect yourself from mercury problems by filtering it out. Completely.

9. Disinfection Of Bacteria And Microorganisms For Instant Pure Water

While many microorganisms are neutralized during water treatment. Some do get through, and others can appear in the water supply while it is being piped to your home.

There are various strains of bacteria that will do very little, if anything to you.

There are others which can cause huge issues though.

Luanne K. Williams, Pharm.D., Toxicologist of North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services states in an article she wrote about bacteria in the water supply:

“The principle bacteria pathogens that have been shown to cause human intestinal disease associated with drinking water are: Salmonella typhi, Typhoid fever; Salmonella paratyphi-A, paratyphoid fever; other Salmonella species, salmonellosis, enteric fever; Shigella dysenteriae, S. Flexneri, and S. sonnei, bacillary dysentery; Vibrio cholerae, cholera; Leptospira sp., leptospirosis; Yersinia enterocolitica, gastroenteritis; Francisella tularensis, tularemia; Escherichia coli. (specific strains), gastroenteritis; and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, various infections. The infecting dose varies with the strain as well as the age and general health of the host.”

In addition to this mentioning how:

“Sulfur bacteria oxidize sulfur to sulfate while sulfate-reducing bacteria reduce sulfate to hydrogen sulfide. These products cause a foul odor and taste to the water.”

Thus linking back to earlier stated issues with hydrogen sulfide in your water, and potential sources of it.

Bacteria can grow and multiply at alarming rates.

With little, or even zero warning.

Usually, by the time a health authority becomes aware of these kinds of issues. And puts out a boil-water advisory. The problem has already reached a level that you would have preferred to totally avoid.

Naturally you could boil all of your water before use.

Though drinking cold, previously boiled water, is far from pleasant. And boiling water to wash salads and other healthy foods with, is wasteful and time consuming.

Especially considering that the use of a whole house water filter, with the right filter components.

Can filter out all the bacteria and viruses that can trigger a boil-water advisory.

Thus even if there is a boil-water advisory, you can still be safe drinking cold water straight from the faucet. Because it is clean pure water, filtered for the unpleasant dangerous contaminants, bacteria and viruses.

Safe, clean, pure water.

Every time you want it. From every faucet in your entire home.

Just from having an AquaOx whole house water filter.

10. Questions: Using A Water Filtration System And Your Water Supply Area, How Healthy?

How is the piped water supply in your area? Do you know how healthy the water is, coming through the faucets in your home?

It could well be worth checking how healthy water is in your supply area.

That said. The quality of your water supply can vary day by day.

It was OK in Flint MI for a good length of time. Until one day.

So, rather than allowing yourself and your family to be at risk, you could just invest in your good health and ensure you have the pure water needed for a good quality of life.

Getting a whole house water filter system installed will do that for you.

Then you can rest easy, knowing you have truly healthy water from every faucet throughout your entire home.

Feels good hey.

Your Home The Risk To Your Plumbing And Home In General From Unfiltered Water

Your home is at risk, from water supply issues too.

California residents, along with people in numerous other locations around the US, know well about what hard water can do to pipes and plumbing around the home.

There are other risks beyond hard water though, that water softeners alone, are unable to deal with.

Unfiltered Water Is A Major Risk To Your Plumbing And Your Home

Unfiltered water can cause a variety of problems for the plumbing around your entire home.

Many of these problems come from corrosion as well as the build up of deposits within the pipes themselves. Over the years, deposits build up, and what once was a good pipe, and had good flow, ceases to be so.

Much like arteries lining with cholesterol, deposits that build up in your water pipes cause major health issues for your home.

The principle issue being how water pressure is affected.

While the water pressure coming through your faucets and shower head seems low.

The actual water pressure in your water pipes can be far higher. If left for a long enough period of time, the deposits can build up to the point where water flow is seriously restricted.

Pressure builds up. Pipes burst.

When that happens, you have all the issues of getting an emergency plumber to fix the pipes.

Plus you have the water damage to your home and everything affected by the burst pipe. Pictures, furniture, books, computers, T.V.’s and everything else. Basically you are best off avoiding that situation ever happening.

The opposite can happen too, with contaminants, such as mercury, causing corrosion. Eating away at pipes and plumbing. Leading again to burst pipes when they are seriously weakened.

Unfiltered Water And The Affect It Has On The Appliances In Your Home

Dishwashers are common to most homes.

The benefits of being able to just put the dirty dishes in, then take out nice clean ones is great.

Within your dishwasher there are a lot of very fine pipes. Really narrow ones. Plus many of them have hot water flowing through them.

Heating unfiltered water, causes changes and reactions.

The contaminants present, again cause either deposits to build up within your dishwasher. Or, cause more aggressive interactions in the form of chemical reactions. Reactions which on a day to day basis may well be unnoticeable. Though over time.

More blockages. Or more corrosion. More issues with water pressure, and reliability.

In short, your dishwasher has problems.

Again these could easily be dealt with by having a whole house water filter installed.

Clean Up Your Water And Protect Your Home

As with your personal health, the health of your home, specifically the water pipes running through it.

Depends on the quality of the water supply running through those pipes.

By fitting a whole house water filter, you ensure that every drop of water in the pipes of your entire home.

Is pure water.

You stop so many problems from ever coming up. Saving yourself stress and money. Especially long term. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Less stress, lower costs and better health.

Just by having your water as nature intended. Clean and pure. Filtered by several stages of rocks, carbon and minerals.</em

This is exactly how the Aquaox whole house water filter works.



These are just 71 of the contaminants that the AquaOx filters out of your water. (other list here)

Let yourself rest easy. And feel good. Knowing that an AquaOx whole house water filter, is protecting the health, of you and your family.

Every minute, of every day.

And at every faucet in your entire home.

Whole House Water Filter The Healthy Foundation For A Happy Life

With modern life being what it is, there are a lot of chemicals that get into your water supply.

Water is a critical part of who you are. On a huge number of levels.

As a new born baby, around 78% of your body is water. At the age of one, that percentage becomes about 65%. Most of the change in your bodily composition, of water that is, happens in the first twelve months of your life.

As an adult, your body is made up of approximately 60% water.

Your brain however is approximately 85% water.

Water is more than just something you bathe in, use to wash your food, then drink when you feel the need to.

Water is what is largely responsible for your body working in the way it does.

Water And How Sensitive Your Body Is To Changes In The Amount Of Water In It
Even as little a 2% reduction in your body’s water content leads to you being less alert, and feeling tired. So even mild amounts of dehydration can cause issues for your quality of life.

Pure Water What It Can Do For Your Health And Why Water Filtration Is Important

Having flowed through, and digested the things you need to know about contaminants above.

You have an awareness, of how vitally important pure water is to your health.

You now know, some of the unpleasant health issues that can come from your unfiltered water supply. Avoiding health issues is one thing. Actually knowing all the wonderful benefits to your body, from having well filtered, pure water, as nature intended you to. That’s another thing.

How Safe Is Tap Water? Learn More About 9 Of The Dangers Flowing Through Unfiltered

These are just some of the incredible health benefits awaiting you and your family.

Feeling your health improve. With every glass of pure water you drink. With every relaxing, or invigorating, shower you take. Or bath, soaking in clean pure water.

Is a wonderful thing.

And some of these health benefits help you to do so much more with you life.

Having a water filtration system that produces healthy pure water, every time you want it. Can improve your health, your vitality and your ability to truly enjoy life in ways you may have never believed before.

Take time now. And know exactly the wonderful state of health awaiting you, when you decide to have it.

1. Water Keeps Your Body Clean On The Inside Pure Water Makes This Easier

Water is one of the main things your body uses to clean itself out.

Every day you pass fluids, and within those fluids that your body passes, are various toxins and chemicals that your body knows it needs to get rid of.

Build up of those toxins can cause various health issues, mostly with your vital organs.

As you process food, then pass nutrients around your body via your bloodstream, your body goes through various chemical reactions. Those reactions lead to waste products.

When you let trash build up at home, things get unpleasant around your house.

The smell as things rot and break down is bad for a start.

Similar things happen with your body.

So your body knows, it has to clean itself out, on a daily basis. Usually a few times a day. All of which is done to help keep your body working in the best way possible.

By drinking and using well filtered clean water, you make it easier for your body to clean itself.

After all, you know well that if you use the same bathwater. Day in and day out. For a few days. It is going to get unpleasant.

By reusing bath water, you are in all the dirt that you washed off before.

So getting properly clean becomes impossible.

It is the same with your drinking water. The unfiltered water supply as you know has various contaminants in it. Things your body can do without. By having contaminants present in what you drink, it is like sitting in a dirty bath, the inside of your body can never get truly clean.

Using a quality water filter system, and ensuring you are getting clean, pure water.

Flowing through every faucet in your entire home.

You do a huge amount to keep your body healthy. Keeping your blood flowing clean and well filtered through your entire body.

The AquaOx whole house water filter system, working for your entire home, is a great way to empower your health.

2. Water Filtration Systems Enhancing Your Brain Function With Every Glass Of Pure Water

As mentioned at the top of this section on the health benefits of pure water, your brain is approximately 85% water.

So changes in your level of hydration, are going to affect your brain.

Plus, you know from the previous section on water contaminants, the effects on the brain of lead, mercury and other things commonly found in your water supply.

Keeping yourself properly hydrated, is important for your brain.

In various countries, school children have been given special classes about the importance of drinking pure water. And various schools in Germany have even installed drinking-water fountains fitted with water filtration systems.

Which the children use regularly throughout the day. Staying healthy and improving their performance in school by doing so.

Plus, because dehydration and various contaminants lead to behavioral issues.

These special drinking fountains with water filters, help to make the schools more harmonious. As well as better performing.

Think about how this can improve things for you and your family.

Being able to think more clearly.

Being able to interact and communicate with people in a better way.

Fewer misunderstanding, mistakes and problems that make you feel down about things.

More of the good results and successes that you wish to enjoy in life. And all from just having clean, healthy, pure water to fuel your body through the day with. Improving your life one glass of water at a time.

All from having a trusted whole house water filter.

Enjoy drinking pure water, and get better results in life from it. Sounds great hey.

And it is great.

3. Effects Of Water On Aging And Helping To Keep Yourself Young And Healthy

Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, M.D. Author of the book “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water” had a belief that a huge number of physical health issues were the result of a lack of water.

In research done by Dr. Batmanghelidj while treating prisoners. A time when he had no real medical supplies to work with. Just water.

He discovered the healing properties, that were held within water.

Treatments were given for a variety of health issues, including peptic ulcers. Along with various other conditions that caused chronic pain.

The use of water, through drinking, helped a huge number of his patients to free themselves of pain.

Plus heal their conditions.

As people grow older, they tend to have increasing issues with joints, bodily organs, bodily function and various internal and external issues. Many of which Dr. Batmangheldij worked with water to treat.

Water is an important part of the body’s healing process.

You need water to rebuild bodily tissues, to transport away waste, and for blood filtration too.

So being deficient in water will cause aging effects. As will the presence of contaminants in any water, beverages or food you consume.

By ensuring you drink healthy amounts of pure water on a daily basis, with quality filtration removing all the contaminants.

You ensure your body gets the major resource it needs, to stay in great condition.

4. Healthy Heart Function And Having A Good Healthy Intake Of Pure Water

Work by Dr. Stephen T. Sinatra, a board-certified cardiologist, has done a lot to demonstrate how drinking water, is vital to staying young and healthy. There are a lot of factors which are covered in his research, with the following being of key importance: “Viscosity is a big deal – an important, but overlooked risk factor for cardiovascular disease. The thicker your blood, the slower it flows through the thousands of miles of your circulatory system and the greater the risk of nasty things happening, like inflammation, clots, plaque, and cardiac and vascular trouble. Your heart works harder. Thicker blood is often full of toxins, bacteria, excess glucose and insulin, and other substances that stoke inflammation and damage to the fragile endothelial lining of blood vessels.” Dr. Sinatra also mentions that, elevated blood viscosity is often found in people drinking less than two glasses of water a day. Especially compared to those drinking five or more glasses of water a day. With water being so vital to everything happening within your body. Decreases in water intake, and hydration levels as a result. Are going to result in numerous adverse effects. By giving your body the water it needs, pure water especially, all your bodily requirements can be taken care of properly. Without going to a doctor and having tests it is impossible to know your blood viscosity level. Or, the level of toxins and contaminants in your blood. Though by ensuring you are drinking plenty of good healthy water, every day. You can ensure that your body is able to take care of itself, to the best of its ability. Through drinking a healthy amount of good water each day, your blood viscosity can be within a healthy range. Plus it can be filtered effectively too. Something you can know more ab0ut from the following section. Water filtration offers you an amazing way to ensure you get the healthy water you need. With a whole house water filter removing the harmful contaminants that are present in the piped water supply, you can be in a stronger position to have your blood flowing in the way that keeps you healthy. A quality water filtration system, such as the ones from AquaOx, can really empower your health. And if you wish to enjoy a great quality of life, for many years, using a quality whole house water filter has to be a logical thing to do.

5. Drinking Pure Water The Benefits For Those With Diabetes

In the book “A Diabetic Doctor Looks at Diabetes” by Dr. Peter Lodewick, the author Dr. Lodewick emphasises that tap water has a lot of “stuff” in it that your body has to deal with. Along with the fact that dealing with that stuff puts stress on your kidneys.

Your body works harder because it has to filter out things from the water that your body would be better without. Much of this you will be aware of from the “How Safe Is Tap Water?” section above.

The more you do to make things easy for your body, the better.

So having a water filtration system that filters out contaminants, before they get to your body.

Is a good thing.

Especially for diabetics. With blood filtration being enough of a bodily stress for those with diabetes, doing things to reduce that bodily stress is very much beneficial to you.

Plus. Water helps you to avoid issues with sugar spikes, and insulin problems.

Pure water is a zero calorie, zero sugar, drink which your body loves.

Plus, because it is free from artificial additives, it is basically just doing your body good.

That is the kind of health value that comes to you if you have diabetes, when you have an AquaOx water filtration system fitted, and working away, in your home.

A quality whole house water filter helps you to manage your diabetes.

6. Pure Water And Its Increasing Importance With Age For Good Kidney Function

When you are young, your health almost looks after itself.

Your body has a huge amount of natural vitality, and can bounce back from things, really easily.

Aging takes a toll on the body. There are the various effects that you notice with health as you, and those around your grow older. There are also the effects that most people are unaware of with aging. They can be even more important to know about though.

A key point with aging is the decreased kidney function that comes with age.

When you are young, your body can process and filter your blood with relative ease.

As people grow older, that ability decreases. With both the amount of water being able to be passed per day, and the amount of toxins and contaminants that the kidney can process each hour, also decreases.

So ensuring that you have clean, healthy, pure water helps you maintain good kidney function, and avoid various issues that come with age.

Having a quality water filtration system, providing pure water, throughout your entire home.

Does a lot to keep you feeling young and full of vitality.

7. Pure Water The Effects On Cancer And Healing Your Own Body

You know that water is vital to your body, and your health.

You know that when the water you drink and wash with has contaminants, various health challenges arise.

Pure water, that is clean and healthy, after going through a quality filter. Gives your body the best opportunity to engage its natural healing abilities.

As with the sections above about pure water and diabetes, healthy water and your heart, and everything else in this section on water filtration and health. You know that when you have pure water it reduces stress on your body.

Having pure water means that you body has less filtration to do itself.

By using a water filter before you drink or come into contact with the water you are using, you reduce the workload of your body.

You know what it is like.

At work, when your boss keeps giving you extra things to do.

At first it is OK. You can manage your usual workload, and you just have to do a bit more to get the extra stuff done.

Over time, as you keep getting more tasks, your normal work becomes a burden. You get stressed. And you have difficulty getting your work done. It puts a strain on you. And you get tired. Among other things.

It is the same for your body.

By using unfiltered water for drinking and washing, you give your body a lot more work to do.

So it’s core tasks of healing, rebuilding you and rejuvenating the various tissues around your body, suffer.

By giving your body less to do, it can heal more effectively.

Removing contaminants from your water, does a massive amount to help your body work effectively. Enabling it to put more energy and time into getting you into the best and healthiest shape possible.

With the simplest of conditions increased healing can help.

The work done by Dr. Batmanghelidj regarding the use of water for healing. Along with the work from Dr. Sinatra about blood viscosity. In conjunction with what Dr. Lodewick talks about regarding your kidneys and filtration.

Just confirms all this.

As does the work of numerous other scientific and clinical studies.

When your body gets good, healthy, pure water it works in a far more effective way. The way it was designed to work. Modern living, through everything that has brought, has put an increased strain on your body.

Reducing that strain, with pure water, helps you body to get back into its natural abilities properly.

Pure Water How It Helped Dave Trombly Heal From Incureable Cancer
This is something that Dave Trombly and his wife Megan came to understand only too well.

“David and Megan Trombly have a cancer support Ministry. David is a Marine fighter pilot who beat cancer naturally using no chemo and no radiation. David was diagnosed with a rare bone lymphoma, which according to his military doctors, no one had survived through conventional means and was therefore given a two year death sentence in late 2000

As a result David and his wife Megan stepped out on a journey of faith and walked through doors that the Lord opened. Using water purification, colon cleansing, a raw diet, and following a month in a natural Biological medicine Clinic in Switzerland, David came home to the states cancer-free. Finding a cure in that eleven months they immediately started sharing their story through their free cancer Ministry. David has remained cancer-free for the last 16 years and has been sharing with folks how to clean up their water since 2001. David and Megan have helped over 400 families clean up their water and since 2005 have not recommended anything, but the AquaOx system.

David will be publishing his story via book later this year as he prepares to close out his 25 year Marine Corps service.”

Through taking everything with his health, back to basics.

Literally, going for food and water in its purest form. And using natural biological medicine.

Dave Trombly was able to heal himself of a condition that doctors believed to be fatal.

By allowing his body to take its healing abilities to the highest level it could. He was able to deal with a condition that had never been successfully dealt with by science. He had the healing ability within him.

And through the use of filtered water, pure water. And raw food. His body was able to heal what had never before been healed.

The fact that Mr. Trombly now recommends AquaOx water filters to people, and has helped many people to overcome health conditions from using pure water.

Is strong testament to the power water filtration brings to the body.

And your ability to heal yourself.

Water Purity Is Critical For Cancer Prevention

In an article by Robert D. Morris regarding Drinking Water and Cancer, Mr. Morris talks about the risks that exist within the water supply across the whole of the US. And states that:

“Cancer-prevention strategies must focus on source-water purity.”

The easiest thing for you.

Right here and now.

Is to ensure that, your water supply runs through a high quality water filtration system. One that removes everything that could block your natural healing abilities, or cause them to be more heavily needed due to contaminants and toxins.

Rather than waiting for source-water purity.

You can ensure purity at every faucet in your entire home.

Through using a whole house water filter. It is that simple.

Whole Home Water Filtration System Getting Pure Water And Its Amazing Health Benefits

We understand that you felt getting truly pure water was impossible.

That perhaps you couldn’t have believed that you could have been enjoying pure water, straight from the tap, in your home.

Perhaps before now you thought unfiltered water was the most pure water possible.

Yet, some part of you realizes, it’s time you had better. It’s time to enjoy truly pure water, from every faucet at home.

Truly, let yourself know. For all the good health you wish for, both for you and your family. You deserve properly filtered, truly pure water throughout your entire home.

It is possible to have that health changing pure water.

Flowing in abundance throughout your entire home. You are able to get your whole house water filtration system fitted with total ease. As soon as you decide to make that order.

Choose to put both your health, and that of your whole family, as top priority.

And by getting water flowing through your new AquaOx water filter, you will start to enjoy having truly pure water for everything you need. And gain all the beautiful health benefits having properly filtered, pure water, brings.

Long Lasting Health Protection The Water Filtration System That Protects Your Whole Home

Through all the research. You know. Quality water filtration has to be one of the best ways to protect the health of yourself and your family.

While countertop water filters are good, they only filter your drinking water. Leaving you exposed in the shower and bath. And leaving you at risk from your laundry too.

It’s crazy.

Countertop water filters also take a long time to fit. Especially when compared to the AquaOx water filtration system, that covers your whole home. A water filtration system that terminal cancer survivor Dave Trombly now recommends.

With Robert D. Morris stating that water purity is critical to health.

Having pure water from every faucet, across your entire home, has to be a good thing to do.

And the water filtration system from AquaOx, that is so highly and widely recommended, does that for you. It takes whatever flows in through your piped water supply, filters it to an amazing level.

And ensures you are getting the most pure water possible.

Advantages You Gain From Having A Whole Home AquaOx Water Filtration System

The AquaOx water filtration system has a lot of depth to it. Literally.

With up to seven incredible stages to these incredibly thorough water filters. All of which refine and filter out the things that are harmful to your health. So that what comes through is incredible, healthy, pure water.

In terms of everything you could want, or need, from a whole house water filter.

The AquaOx water filtration system range has everything.

And more!

Refrigerator Water Filter Just Bypass It As Your AquaOx Is More Thorough
A refrigerator water filter is better than nothing.

They do only have a carbon filter though. Which means that many of the harmful contaminants, slip past them into the glass of water for whoever is thirsty.

Plus refrigerator water filters, need to have their filter cartridges replaced.


With the AquaOx whole house water filter taking the load of the whole home in its stride, filtering out everyting to a very fine level. You come to the point of being able to bypass the water filter on the refrigerator, literally take it out.

Then just run the water line from after your AquaOx water filter. Which never needs cartridge replacement.

And get cool, pure water, straight from your refrigerator.

Plus, if your refrigerator is also making ice, then the water coming from your AquaOx water filter means that you will get healthier, better tasting ice too.

Countertop And Undersink Water Filters Remember The AquaOx Never Needs Filter Cartridges

How often do countertop and undersink water filters need their cartridges replaced?

And, how often do they actually get replaced?

Very, very few people actually check how much water has run through their water filter. Or how long it has been since they last, if ever, replaced the filter cartridge.

Meaning that for however long, they are using water which is far from pure.

Defeating the purpose of actually having that countertop or undersink filtration system in the first place.

So get rid of the need to replace filter cartridges.

By using the AquaOx, you are for one filtering out more than you would with a countertop or undersink filtration unit anyway.

Plus you never have to replace filter cartridges.

So rather than risking contaminants slipping through, into your much needed healthy glass of water. Or being absorbed into your food as you carefully wash and clean it, prior to enjoying it.

Get rid of the need for checking filter cartridges.

And just relax in the knowledge that, whatever tap you go to. Anywhere in your entire home.

You are getting clean, healthy water. From a seriously comprehensive water filtration system, when you have an AquaOx whole house water filter fitted.

Every tap. Every drop of water. Is clean pure water. Every time.

Plus, because the AquaOx filters water for your whole house, you dishwasher works better. Along with all your clean water plumbing, works better too.

Remember, countertop and undersink water filters leave you exposed in the shower. And in that your body, through your skin, can absorb more chlorine during a 5 minute shower, or that relaxing bath you enjoy. Than you can possibly drink throughout your whole day.

So a whole house water filter really is better for you.

In a huge number of ways.

Better Than Bottled Water Just Fill And Save By Using Water From Your AquaOx Filter

Over time plastic can leach out into bottled water. Especially in warmer conditions.

Various studies have pointed to the health issues that arise from this.

Plus, if you are buying bottled water you are effectively paying for water twice. Plus having to store it yourself, if you are buying in bulk. If you are buying single bottles then you are paying even more.

By having an AquaOx water filtration system, that filters water for your whole house. You can go to any faucet in your entire home. Any time you want.

And fill a bottle for the gym or wherever, with really healthy, pure water.

Fresh from your tap.

So your body gets the best care and attention possible.

Meaning that you get to be healthier and get more from your life. How good is that.

Well Water Making Sure Water From Your Well Is Properly Filtered And Keeps You Well

The AquaOx whole house water filter has a special water filtration stage for you if you have a well.

Well water can be great, it can be healthier than various piped water supply systems.

Well water does come with other risks though. Notably from microorganisms. Though ground leaching can also mean that various contaminants such as lead, mercury and arsenic can make their way into what was thought to be pure water.

The use of the full seven stage whole house water filter from AquaOx, cuts those problems off.

So the water coming from your well, becomes as pure and healthy as you wish it to be.

In fact, even if you use a piped water supply, you get that same level of crystal clear healthy spring-like pure water coming through to enjoy. Nice.

Reverse Osmosis Or The AquaOx Know The Best Water Filtration System You Can Get

Reverse osmosis is a great idea. But.

During the reverse osmosis filtration process, everything is taken out. All the minerals, everything.

While this may seem like a good thing, the reality is very different.

As soon as the water passes into your pipes from the reverse osmosis system, it desperately starts replenishing everything that has been taken from it during the filtration process.

Meaning that it leaches chemicals and minerals from your pipes.

And then when it passes your lips, if it still needs more, it starts leaching minerals you need to live and be healthy.

From your body.

Water needs a certain amount of minerals within it, in order for it to be healthy.

When all the nutrients are taken out, water loses much of its healing and life giving ability. In fact it can become dangerous because it starts to remove things from its environment. And if you are drinking it in that state, you are the environment it is taking things from.

While the AquaOx whole house water filter does remove the unhealthy contaminants you wish to avoid. It does keep the quality nutrients your body needs within the water.

AquaOx water filters ensure you get the nutrients you need, and that your pure water.

Really is the healthy water you need!

Water Filtration Systems That Last A Lifetime* AquaOx Is An Investment In Your Health

An AquaOx whole house water filter is usually expected to last the average American family for about four years.


We are as yet to replace a single water filtration system due to degradation.

The incredible design, and build quality, of AquaOx water filters. Using the amazing benefits of science and technology. Has enabled the creation of a water filtration system which outlives its expected lifecycle in a truly wonderful way.

The belief now being that AquaOx water filtration systems will provide users like yourself with over twenty years of maintenance free performance.

Over twenty years of blissful, pure water.

From every faucet in your entire home. How wonderful will that be?

This amazing achievement is partly due to the innovative double Vortech technology. Which brings incredible backwash efficiencies. Keeping your water filtration system in incredible working order.

So that you get incredible pure water. Day after day. Year after year.

A 10 Year No Hassle Warranty So You Are Fully Covered

Seriously. Whatever happens. You are covered.

What if lightning strikes and your AquaOx whole house water filter stops working?

All good. You’re covered! We will ensure that the things needed to get everything working again, are shipped out to you. So that you can have that wonderful life giving, healthy, pure water flowing again in quick time.

Seriously. Once it is fitted, which is incredibly quick and easy to do, for either a plumber or someone who enjoys DIY. You can relax.

Knowing that for ten years we have you covered and looked after, as far as clean filtered water is concerned that is.

Just enjoy your healthy glass of water, relaxing bath, rejuvenating shower or whatever.

And leave the work to us, and your wonderful AquaOx water filter.

Water Filtration System That’s Self-Cleaning Through An Incredible Backwash Process

The AquaOx water filtration system has what is called, a Fleck Head.

Each programmable Fleck Head, can run a special backwashing process, which cleans the filters of the unit.

Over time, and use. Contaminants and various things build up in the filters. The filter media are of course effectively collecting everything that is unwanted from your water supply. Those things still have to go somewhere though, otherwise performance could drop.

So by using the specially designed backwashing process, all the filter media can be cleared.

And your AquaOx water filtration system can stay at high efficiency.

To make this even better.

Each of the very special water filter tanks. Which are manufactured here in the USA! Clean themselves.

The highly advanced Vortech technology in use in AquaOx water filtration tanks, re-levels all the filter media. And cleans out the particulates and collected contaminants, that had built up.

So that water filtration carries on at highly efficient levels.

Keeping the water flowing in the purest way possible through every faucet in your entire home.

Specially For Our Veterans AquaOx Honors Your Service And Salutes You

Those who do military service give a huge amount to their country. We know that. And we salute those who serve our country.

AquaOx has personal experience of this.

Michael Corcoran is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army.

He is also one of the founders of AquaOx. So as a company we have close experience and understanding of what our veterans do for our country.

And we want to do something for you as a veteran. So please, ask us about our military discount.

And allow us to help take care of your health in thanks for your service.

Healthy Water Is Critical To Human Life And AquaOx Gives You Premium Water Filtration

As mentioned much earlier, your body, as an adult is appropriately 60% water.

Your brain is around 85% water.

And according to H.H. Mitchell in the Journal of Biochemstry, 158, even your bones are around 31% water. Every organ in your body, remembering your skin is an organ too, has water as a vital component.

Clean healthy water is vital to your ability to live, and enjoy life.

So give your body the best water you can.

Give your body water from an AquaOx water filtration system. Your health and wellbeing is “worth every drop!”

Water Filter That Gives Protection To You And Your Family Whatever The Source Of Your Water

Realistically, you have zero control over the water supply that comes to your home.

You know well enough from incidents like those of Flint, MI, that water companies and local authorities do at times bypass the standards set for public health and safety.

You also know that even some of the standards for safe and healthy drinking water.

Are actually, less than healthy standards.

You may wish to check the health of your local water supply here.

You can however take control and set the standard you wish for yourself and your family. You can easily, with very little effort at all, do something to ensure that you get healthy, clean, pure water. Whatever is being piped or pumped to your home.

By fitting an AquaOx whole house water filter system.

You can ensure that all contaminants, whatever their source or origin, are filtered out, well before they can cause you or your family any harm.

By having an AquaOx water filtration system cleaning all the water, for your entire home.

You can do something amazing to ensure the best for the health of you and your family.

Just order, install, and enjoy.

It’s that easy.

Protection From Microorganisms To The Level That A Boil-Water Advisory Means Nothing To You

When a boil-water advisory comes out you have some seriously nasty pathogens in your water supply. And their best advice is to boil ever single drop of water that you use. In order to protect your health.

Realistically you should be boiling the water you wash your hands with, and the water you shower with too. If the pathogens in the water supply are that dangerous.


When you are using the AquaOx and AquaOx DF water filtration system.

Every drop that comes out of every faucet in your entire home is safe. And free from the need to be boiled. Regardless of contaminants, bacteria and viruses.

An AquaOx water filtration system keeps your whole house, and whole family.


Water Filter Systems From AquaOx Upgrade To Pure Water Throughout Your Whole Home

Many people find it impossible to believe that there are so many health risks with their existing water supply. They also feel unable to believe that, a whole house water filter is truly worthwhile.

As they pore through the evidence, flowing through each study, they sometimes don’t dare to believe it possible. The water company and the government wouldn’t allow such health risks to pass through their water supply. Wouldn’t they?

Your water supply after all is supposed not to carry health risks. So some think it’s not time to get the filter, perhaps it’s not necessary they think.

Yet as you, allow all the evidence to sink in. The realization keeps coming back up, in both heart and mind. It’s time to change how your water comes through your taps. That, right now, getting a proper whole house water filter, is necessary.

For all those health reasons.

That is when so many, especially those like Dave Trombley, realize. If you wish to be truly healthy, you had better get the best, proper, whole house water filter, that could be wished for.

To be able to influence your health, right at the foundation level.

Is something you can choose to do.

Whatever your current state of health. Whatever levels of contaminants are there, in your water supply. A whole house water filter can be positively influencing your health. Faster than you thought.

All it takes is to decide to truly value your health, now.

And choose to call us, and get your AquaOx water filter fitted, quick.

It takes minutes to install the AquaOx whole house water filter. So whether you are good at DIY, and wish to do it yourself, or choose to get a quality plumber to fit it for you.

You can fast be getting the whole life benefits, of a long lasting water filtration system. With clean, healthy, pure water coming out of every faucet in your entire home. Get the healthy water that you, your body and your family deserve to have. Get an AquaOx whole house water filter, today.

Chlorine Absorption Test

It’s amazing how much Chlorine is in our water supply. The simple Chlorine test that we do in the video above shows you just how quickly Chlorine can be absorbed into the body through the skin…within seconds. That’s right…Chlorine absorption occurs within seconds! Now imagine how much chlorine you absorb from taking a shower or drinking a glass of water! You need to make sure you and your family are protected with a whole house water filter system to filter out chlorine and other harmful contaminants. Live Green, Live Clean. Call us any time at (803) 709-7378 if you have any questions about this process or any questions about your own water supply issues. We’re here to help you sort them out. Talk with you soon.
– The AquaOx Family

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