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00:00 I have a test on my website that I’ll put municipal water in two bowls. I’ll put a chlorine strip in one bowl, it’ll turn immediately magenta in cover. I’ll take my … in color. My hand, I’ll put in the other bowl, and within 10 to 15 seconds, my hand absorbed all the chlorine and additive in that water. If I put another test strip in that bowl, it will be as clear as clear can be because in that 15 seconds, my skin absorbed everything.

00:31 The skin is an organ, that’s what it does. When you take a 10 minute shower, that’s more harmful than drinking eight glasses of water because you’re breathing the chlorine vapors as you’re taking a shower, and your skin’s not Teflon. The water beats off you, but every part of your skin is absorbing the chemicals that are in the water that you’re showering in.

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