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Does Bottled Water Have An Expiration Date?

Bottled water is a staple in many households, but it can be confusing to know how long bottled water lasts. The truth is that bottled water does not go bad—it just gets old. While some experts say that you should drink your bottled water within six months of opening it up, others say that the expiration date on bottles doesn’t mean anything at all. So what’s the real story? Let’s dive into why there are so many conflicting opinions about whether or not you should drink expired bottled water:

Does bottled water go bad?

You’ve probably heard that bottled water is not considered “expired” by the FDA and should be safe to drink years after its expiration date. But is this really true?

The answer is yes—but only if you buy your bottled water at a reputable store like Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. In fact, if you buy a can of Evian in any grocery store (or even at gas stations), there’s no guarantee that it will last as long as its stated expiration date says it does.

But this is applicable only if they’re sealed properly. If you buy a bottle of water that’s been sitting on the shelf for a while, and then open it up to take a sip, there’s no guarantee that it won’t taste bad. In fact, many people have reported that their bottled water has gone bad after just one year of being opened!

How long does bottled water last?

Bottled water has an expiration date of 5 years from the date it was bottled. This may sound like a long time, but since bottled water is shipped all over the world and stored in warehouses for long periods of time, it’s actually quite reasonable to assume that there will be some water that sits unopened for longer than five years before being discarded.

To tell if your bottled water has gone bad: Do not use it! If you smell an unpleasant odor or taste something funky in your drinking water—say, chlorine or other chemicals—then throw out this item immediately.

If you’ve opened your bottled water and are unsure if it’s still good, then check for signs of mold or bacteria growth. If you see a white film on the inside of the bottle or deposit in the bottom, throw out this item immediately.

If the water is cloudy or discolored, then it’s probably time to throw it out. If you still have some doubt about whether or not your bottled water has gone bad, then check the expiration date on the label. This should tell you how long the water will last after being opened.

Does distilled water go bad?

No, distilled water does not go bad. It is simply water that has been boiled and cooled down to a certain temperature. It’s safe to drink and store in the refrigerator, so you can grab a bottle whenever you need it!

The Distilled Water Myth: There is a common myth that distilled water has been stripped of all its minerals and nutrients. This is false. Distilled water is actually higher in some minerals than the source it was distilled from! For example, if you were to distill seawater, which has high levels of calcium chloride and magnesium sulfate, you would end up with pure H2O AND these valuable minerals!

Does tap water go bad?

Tap water is safe to drink. Tap water is not usually filtered or treated, so it can be contaminated by lead, bacteria, and chemicals from the ground (which may come from natural sources). It’s also possible that tap water may contain chlorine or fluoride added to kill germs in the pipes.

If you live in an area with a lot of natural mineral content in your drinking water (such as a spring), there’s no need to worry about any potential risks associated with using this type of source for drinking purposes—as long as you’re not consuming too much at once!

How to tell if bottled water has gone bad?

The best way to tell if bottled water has gone bad is by the smell and taste. If you can’t stand the taste or the smell, then it’s most likely expired.

But what about when your friend tells you that their bottle of Evian is still good? It doesn’t have an expiration date! Don’t worry—they’re not lying about that either. Bottled water does not have an expiration date because it’s considered a nonperishable food product and is not subject to expiration laws like other types of food products (like milk).

Bottled water is generally considered safe to drink until the bottle has been opened, which could be anywhere from two to five years after the date of purchase. If you don’t open it and keep it in a cool place (less than 70°F), then it will last even longer!

Bottled water is NOT considered “expired” by the FDA.

You may be wondering whether bottled water is “expired.” The answer is no, it isn’t. Bottled water is not considered “expired” by the FDA and there is no such thing as a date stamped on a bottle of noncarbonated bottled water that would indicate when it should be discarded.

However, there are guidelines for how long you can safely drink your favorite brand of bottled water before you should toss it out (or even better: recycle!). These guidelines vary from company to company so it’s important to check their website or contact customer service if you have any concerns about how old your purchase may be before drinking from them again.


The short answer is yes. Bottled water does have an expiration date and it’s printed on the bottle. You can use this information as a guide to how long you should keep your water before drinking it or refrigerating it for later use. However, there are no laws that say “expiration dates matter” so if you want to be safe from bacteria growth and other harmful effects of bacteria growth then make sure not to open any bottles after their first use!

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