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Orders placed before 12pm usually ship out the same day. On average shipping takes 3-5 business days to reach you. It ships upright strapped to a pallet and ships via RL Carriers straight to your door.

If you are a handy DIY kind of person, the AquaOx simply has an in and an out connection. Cut your pipes, connect the lines and turn it on. Of course, if it makes you feel better or you enjoy kicking back on your couch, then by all means you can hire a local plumber and they’ll install it as well.

At this time, AquaOx only ships to the continental US.

No. We do not charge sales tax.

Not just a filtration system

A life changing decision

How Do Our Products Work?

Everything you need to install the AquaOx comes in the box. Installation instructions, warranty information and presediment filter (if you are on a well system).

In most cases, you only need a presediment filter when you are on a well system. If you are on a well system, we ship the presediment filter automatically with the order. If you are on city water, we will ship you a presediment filter upon request.

To ensure proper surface time and quality water filtration, the AquaOx features a double Vortech system going above and beyond single Vortech systems. The filtration media sits on top of the Vortech plates and stays separated to make sure that your homes water supply passes through the filtration media flawlessly every time.

No maintenance. You simply set it and forget it.

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The AquaOx will last an average family of 4 over 20 years.

The AquaOx will last the average family of four 20+ years without any replacement filters or maintenance. You pay once and enjoy.

The AquaOx leaves all the good stuff in your water (minerals) so that you get a great tasting glass of water and know you aren’t depriving your body of positive things. Rest assured that we remove all the bad stuff during this process.

It removes heavy metals, chlorine, tthms, VOCs, hydrogen sulfide and many other harmful elements that affect your skin hair and other systems of the body.

Lifetime Guarantee

We are so confident that you will love the AquaOx that we will let you try it 6 months in your home. If at any point in those 6 months you do not want to keep enjoying great tasting water, simply return the AquaOx to us and we will give you a full refund.

AquaOx ships every filter via RL Carriers and is packaged securely in an upright durable box. Your filter will be ready to ship out within 10 business days from the day of purchase and arrive within 5 business days.

If you receive an item that has been damaged or is defective, AquaOx will replace the damaged or defective parts or replace the entire filter system at no charge to you. We will arrange to have the damaged filter shipped back to us.

No. We do not charge sales tax.