How did AquaOx get its start in the water filtration business?

00:00 Well, I grew up in a military family. My father being in World War II, Korea, Vietnam. My extended family, my brothers, myself, we all served in the military. Then after I retired from the military, just wasn’t sure what I was going to do.

00:14 But a friend of mine just happened to have cancer. We were talking about how aggressive cancer could be sometimes. He was married, six children. Basically, a doctor told him to just … Without chemo and radiation, you would lose quality of life, so just kind of spend this time with your six children.

00:35 Well, he went to a biomedical facility in Switzerland, and through that process and a strong faith … But he went to a natural food diet of the Earth and purified water. Today, he’s cancer-free. He strongly believed that by changing diet and drinking purified water, get all the chemicals out of the water, that certainly helps the body.

00:59 So I started thinking about the science and technology of, well, what’s water all about? How important is that for our health? So that was my mission. I just wanted to focus on water and then bringing it to the public, and see if we can’t change a few things.

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