How do water contaminants affect children? Watch this video and let us know if you have any questions about water filtration.

00:00 Well, the children is really dear to my heart because I think, to be honest with you, I think we’re an overweight society. The children of today, they’re drinking sugar laced juices and sodas, and you got a McDonald’s on every corner. I’m not slamming McDonald’s. I eat there all the time because I’m a road warrior.

00:19 But I do believe children though, at that stage of their life, they just don’t drink enough water. And so, they haven’t fell in love with water. They’ll never fall in love with water because they don’t drink enough of it. But I think if families introduced great water into the households and had their children drink more of it, I think a lot of things would change as far as young children.

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