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How Much Does Whole House Water Filters Cost?

It’s safe to assume that whole house water filters can have a hefty price. However, are they all really expensive? Moreover, are there any quality whole house water filtration systems on the market that’s friendly on the budget?

While our advancement in technology has been exponential, we are yet to solve our problem with our water pipe lines. There’s still millions of lead water pipe lines that need to be replaced and water, regardless of location, has levels of contamination.

Although this problem is sure to persist for a long time as it requires about a trillion dollars just to replace all lead pipes, we do have a solution to deal with water contaminants. Water filtration system technologies have been advancing and while you may be eyeing on affordable filtration systems, it’s even more important to focus on reliability.

What You Need to Know About Water Filters

There are many whole house water filtration systems on the market. However, all of them can either:

  • Filter out contaminants
  • Soften hard water

This can be a major variable when looking at costs. Depending on design, water filters can remove all types of contaminants including those that are beneficial. Meanwhile, some designs leave out these beneficial minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium.

However, leaving Calcium And Magnesium in the water can lead to the water becoming hard. Hard water can cause problems such as buildup of scale on appliances and spotting on dishware. To amend this problem, a water softener can then be used.

Whole House Water Filter Specifications

When looking for the ideal whole house water filtration system, there’s more to look out for than just the price tag. There’s a lot of details to the system and you need to ensure you get the one with the right specifications for the needs of your home.

Otherwise, you can end up with a dysfunctional whole house water filtration system and one that can’t sustain the flow of water when water outlets such as showers and faucets in your home are used at the same time. 

So, before you can even begin to know the costs, here’s what you need to consider first when purchasing a whole house water filtration system:

Water Filter, Softener or Both?

Depending on your need, you will want to choose between a water filter or a water softener. Both, of course, are filtration systems. However, as mentioned earlier, water softeners remove Calcium and Magnesium in the water to soften it. 

Whole house water filters can be combined with water softeners. So, if you need the service of both, you can also install a water softener to a whole house water filtration system.

The Cost of Whole House Water Filtration Systems

Whole house water filtration systems can go around from $500 to $5,000. But don’t let the price discourage you. You’ll soon find out how a whole house water filtration system can be a worthy investment.

Why Purchase A Whole House Water Filtration System

Cost-efficient in the Long Run

Unlike other types of water filters such as a countertop or an under sink filter, whole house filters are more cost-effective as they last longer and do more than point-of-use (POU) filters. Whole house water filters are point-of-entry type water filters which means it enables each water outlet of a home such as showers and faucets to be just as good as bottled water.

Meanwhile, point-of-use filters can only do their job with one water outlet. Having several POU filters also mean needing to replace multiple water filters. With a whole house water filter, you only need to replace one for the entire home and it can last for a long time depending on its capacity. Depending on the filtration system, you might not even need to replace the filter at all. 

The cost of having to replace several versus the need to only replace just one or none at all can enable you to save more money. 


If ever you do need to replace the filter of a whole house system, it can be arduous but you only need to replace just one. With POU water filters, you need to replace each one after they’ve been fully used up. 

Moreover, POU filtration systems don’t last as long as POE water filtration systems. Some whole house water filtration systems last up to 20 years!


Most water filters need to be replaced after 3 to 6 months. However, there are whole house water filtration systems that require zero maintenance. While they can cost more in investment, they enable you to save more by not having to do any replacements.

High-Filtration Level

Whole house water filtration systems have a high-filtration level able to remove over 200 types of contaminants. They can also be combined with a water softener if hard water is a problem.

Are Whole House Water Filters Worth It?

While whole house water filtration systems cost more, they last longer, can be more reliable and are more cost-efficient because of needing little to no maintenance. There is no question that tap water needs to be filtered regardless if what you’re using is well or city water. 

The question then would be the type of filter that you should use. For all the benefits that a whole house water filtration system can offer, we recommend that you go for it. Are whole house water filters worth it? 

To summarize, here are the benefits of having a whole house water filtration system:

  • Higher-filtration level
  • Lasts longer
  • Requires little to zero maintenance
  • You only need to replace one filter if it needs replacing
  • Convenient – all water outlets in your home is filtered
  • Allows you to save more in the long run. 
  • Can be combined with a water softener

Whole house water filtration systems are definitely worth it. Especially that it protects you and your family from any potential danger that contaminated water can cause. When looking for one for your home, go for one that’s trusted and praised by many. 

Ensure the water that you and your family use and drink is safe and clean. Equip your home with a whole house water filtration system today. 

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