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Is Tap Water Really Good For Your Skin?

We all know that water is essential for our health, but did you know that the type of water you use on your skin can make a big difference? While tap water is perfectly safe to drink, it can actually be quite harmful to your skin. 

If you’re looking for softer, more radiant skin, ditching the tap water in favor of filtered water is a good place to start. Your skin will thank you for  it!

Using water filtration systems  not only remove impurities from your water, but they can also improve the overall quality of your skin. Keep reading to find out why tap water might not be the best choice for keeping your skin healthy and hydrated.

Tap Water Contains Contaminants

You might think that tap water is good for your skin because it’s free of impurities, but that’s not always the case. In fact, tap water can actually be quite harmful to your skin. Here’s why:

Tap water contains chlorine, which is a chemical used to kill bacteria. Unfortunately, chlorine can also dry out your skin and strip away its natural oils. 

If you need further proof, just take a look at your skin after a shower. If you use tap water, chances are your skin will feel dry and irritated. This can lead to irritation, redness, and even breakouts.

Not only does this leave your skin feeling dry and uncomfortable, but it can also lead to other problems like eczema and acne. Filtered water, on the other hand, is free of these harmful chemicals and will actually help to improve the health of your skin.

Tap water can also contain heavy metals like lead and copper, which can accumulate on your skin and cause problems over time. 

And if you live in an area with hard water, the mineral content in the water can leave behind a residue on your skin that can clog pores and lead to breakouts.

Filtered water, on the other hand, is free of impurities and is much gentler on your skin. Filtered water can help to soothe irritations, replenish moisture, and give you softer, more radiant skin.

If you’re not sure whether your tap water is safe to use on your skin, contact your local water authority for more information. In the meantime, filtered water is a great alternative that will do your skin a world of good.

Tap Water Is Not as Effective at Cleaning

While tap water might be fine for drinking, it’s not necessarily the best choice for cleaning your skin. That’s because the chemicals in tap water can actually leave behind a residue on your skin that can clog pores and lead to breakouts.

Filtered water, on the other hand, is much purer and will leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed. Filtered water can also help to remove impurities from your skin, which will make it better able to absorb moisture.

Tap Water’s pH Level Doesn’t Match Your Skin’s

The pH level is a measure of how acidic or alkaline something is. And while our skin has a natural pH level of around 4.5, the pH level of tap water is usually around 7. This means that tap water is actually quite alkaline, which can disrupt the delicate balance of your skin’s pH levels.

When your skin’s pH levels are out of balance, it can lead to dryness, irritation, and even breakouts. Filtered water, on the other hand, has a neutral pH level that won’t throw off your skin’s natural balance. This will help to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

What You Can Do About It

If you’re concerned about the effects of tap water on your skin, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself. First, make sure to use a gentle, non-abrasive cleanser on your skin. This will help to remove any impurities from your skin without stripping away its natural oils.

You should also consider using a water filter in your home. Water filters can help to remove impurities from your water, which will make it safer for your skin. There are a variety of different water filters on the market, so be sure to choose one that’s right for you.

Finally, make sure to drink plenty of filtered water throughout the day. Filtered water can help to flush out toxins from your body and will keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

Filtered Water Is Just as Good for Your Skin as Expensive Beauty Products

You might think that you need to spend a lot of money on expensive beauty products to get the best results for your skin. But the truth is, filtered water is just as good for your skin, if not better.

Filtered water can help to hydrate your skin, remove impurities, and even out your skin tone. It’s also much cheaper than buying fancy face creams and serums. So why not save yourself some money and switch to filtered water? Your skin will thank you for it!

Filtered Water Is Better for Your Overall Health

Not only is filtered water better for your skin, but it’s also better for your overall health. That’s because the contaminants in tap water can actually enter your body through your skin.

These contaminants can build up in your system and cause problems like fatigue, headaches, and even digestive issues. Filtered water is a great way to reduce your exposure to these harmful chemicals and improve your overall health.

If you’re worried about the cost of filtered water, don’t be! There are a number of affordable filtration systems on the market that can easily fit into any budget. Plus, the money you save on skincare products will more than make up for the initial investment.

The Verdict

So, is tap water really good for your skin? The answer is, it depends. If you have hard water with a high mineral content, then the answer is no – tap water can actually be bad for your skin. Filtered water, on the other hand, is gentler and will not leave behind any residue or dryness. 

If you’re looking for the best way to cleanse your face and keep your skin healthy, filtered water is definitely the way to go. Contact us to know more about the best water filtration systems you can get!

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