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Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF-55) Water Filter

Something that exceptionally improves the performance and economy or your water purification system? Recently we’ve been looking at a few websites and noticed how many few water filtration companies do not use a process media called KDF in their whole house water filtration units.

When the AquaOx Whole House Water Filtration System was engineered, our goal was to use the best of science and technology available. Although at a significant cost addition to our systems, IT WAS THE RIGHT CALL! Why?

KDF Process Media For Contaminant Removal

KDF Fluid Treatment is a technological leader in the fluid treatment industry and have earned NSF certification (ANSI/NSF Standard 61 for drinking water system components-health effects and Standard 42).

As a result, AquaOx Water Filters use an abundance of KDF Filter Media to specifically remove harmful contaminants/mineral/chemicals commonly found in municipal and well water.

Existing water treatment technologies are very limited and often unable to perform the necessary treatment. Using KDF process media in the AquaOx Whole House Water Filter greatly improves water treatment performance by protecting, and in some cases replacing existing filtration/purification technologies.

Where Can KDF Filters Be Used?

You don’t have to be a big corporation or manufacturer, hospital, beverage manufacturer, restaurant, municipal water treatment facility to use KDF process media forms.

Our system which uses the best of science and technology includes the use of media carbons, garnet, filter Ag … and relies specifically on KDF to safely reduce or remove chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, heavy metals, and bacteria from water.

When used with our layers of granular activated carbon filter (GAC) and ion exchange resins, KDF media can significantly extend the life of the carbon.

What Are The Different Types of KDF Process Media?

Water is necessary for life, but sometimes it can contain impurities like chlorine and other dissolved metals that can impact our health and the taste of our drinking water.

Fortunately, there are many water filters available in the market that can effectively remove these impurities and provide us with safe and clean drinking water. One such type of filter media is KDF process media.

The AquaOx uses two different forms of KDF. KDF 55 media granules are designed for removing or reducing chlorine and soluble heavy metals.

They are also used for controlling scale, bacteria, and algae. KDF 85 granules are used to remove or reduce iron and hydrogen sulfide from water supplies.

How Does KDF Process Media Work?

Using KDF process media allows for high purity, copper zinc formulations that reduce contaminants in water using an oxidation/reduction (redox) reaction.

This causes other heavy metals such as mercury, copper, and nickel to be removed simply by bonding to the KDF media. Quite remarkable indeed … so often not used in the standard water filters sold on today’s market.

What Contaminants Are Removed With KDF Media Filter?

KDF media filters are a popular type of water filtration system that can remove a variety of impurities from water using a copper-zinc alloy. One of the most common contaminants that KDF media filters can eliminate is chlorine.

Although chlorine is used to treat drinking water, it can leave an unpleasant taste and smell. KDF media filters can effectively remove the chlorine, resulting in cleaner and better-tasting water.

Aside from chlorine, KDF media filters can also remove heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and arsenic. These metals can pose serious health risks when consumed and are frequently found in old pipes or plumbing systems. By using a KDF media filter, you can ensure that these harmful contaminants are removed from your water supply.

Furthermore, KDF media filters are capable of eliminating other water soluble heavy metals like iron, copper, and aluminum. These metals can cause discoloration and staining on clothes or surfaces, making them undesirable in water. By removing these dissolved metals, KDF media filters can prevent such discoloration and stains.

KDF media filters can also remove water-soluble heavy metals like cadmium, chromium, and nickel. These metals can be extremely harmful when ingested, so it is important to remove them from your water supply. KDF media filters can effectively remove these water-soluble heavy metals, ensuring that your drinking water is safe and healthy.

Benefits of Using KDF Process Media

Using patented KDF process media in your water filtration system can offer a variety of benefits. One of the main advantages is that KDF media does not require the use of chemical additives to effectively remove impurities from water. This makes it a safer and more environmentally friendly choice for water treatment.

KDF process media is also long-lasting and durable, with the ability to provide effective filtration for up to several years. Additionally, KDF media can remove a wide range of contaminants including chlorine, heavy metals, dissolved metals, and water-soluble heavy metals.

Moreover, KDF process media can help to prevent bacterial growth, making it an effective way to maintain clean and safe drinking water. It is also versatile and can be used in various types of water filtration systems including shower filters, countertop filters, and whole-house systems.

Disadvantages of Using KDF Process Media

While KDF process media has many benefits, there are some potential drawbacks to using it as well. One disadvantage is that it may not be as effective at removing certain contaminants compared to other filtration methods such as reverse osmosis.

Additionally, KDF process media can be more expensive than other types of water filtration systems. Lastly, KDF process media may require frequent replacement depending on the amount of water being filtered and the level of contaminants present.

It is important to consider these potential disadvantages when choosing a water filtration system that best suits your needs.

Why Are KDF Filters Used With Carbon Filters?

When it comes to filtering water, there are many types of filters available in the market, each having unique advantages and capabilities. Carbon filters and KDF filters are some of the most common types available in the market.

Let’s start by understanding each type of filter. Carbon filters are designed to purify water by removing impurities like chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other organic contaminants.

These filters come in various forms such as carbon block filters, activated carbon filters, and inline carbon filters. KDF, on the other hand, use a copper-zinc alloy to purify water.

They come in different forms like granular KDF, KDF55, and KDF85. KDF filtration media are effective at removing heavy metals like lead, mercury, and arsenic, as well as other dissolved metals and free chlorine.

Now, let’s delve into why KDF filters are commonly used alongside carbon filters. While carbon filters are excellent at removing organic contaminants, they have limitations when it comes to eliminating heavy metals and other dissolved solids.

Conversely, KDF filters excel at removing heavy metals and dissolved solids, but they are not as effective at eliminating organic contaminants. By combining KDF filters with carbon filters, they complement each other’s strengths and provide comprehensive water filtration.

Carbon filters are capable of removing organic contaminants, while KDF filters can remove heavy metals, dissolved solids, and free chlorine. As a result, the combination of these two filters provides a high level of water filtration.

Additionally, KDF filters can prevent bacterial growth, making them a valuable addition to any water filtration system.

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