As a naturally occurring element, Mercury is found in the water, air, and soil. Mercury pollution is a threat to our physical health as well as to our environment. Even in small amounts, exposure to mercury contamination can have adverse effects on our health.

Causes Of Mercury In Water

In serious cases, agricultural, commercial, medical, and industrial processes without proper waste management release the chemical compound in the lakes and river. It is also released during the natural de-gassing of the earth’s crust. The combustion of fossil fuels also contributes to the release of the element to the air, water, and soil.

There are two types of mercury found in our drinking water. Organic mercury such as methyl mercury is produced by microorganisms living in surface waters. These bacterial organisms convert inorganic mercury into its organic form. Batteries release inorganic mercury through the process of oxidation. Both types of mercury are dangerous to human health.

How Do You Filter Mercury From Your Water?

There are several ways to treat mercury or remove it from your water source. Since you don’t want it in your drinking water due to its threat to human health, you have to invest in water filter systems capable of removing the contaminant before it reaches your faucets at home.

Treatment methods like distillation, reverse osmosis, carbon filtering, and sub-micron filters are among the more popular and widely used approaches in addressing the water pollution. A reliable water filter system can help you avoid the health risks. Investing in a quality water filtration system can also save you money in the long run

How Do You Detect Mercury in Water?

Unlike sulfur, you can’t smell or taste mercury in your drinking water. Therefore, detection may be a bit challenging. In many cases, people find out about the water contamination after they get a medical examination due to health problems caused by the chemical element. The common way to detect mercury in your drinking water is by taking a test. You can do this if you have water test kits. If you want professional help, you can hire an expert to check and test the water for you. Water suppliers conduct routine monitoring of water quality for early detection of impurities in our drinking water. They are also responsible to keep the mercury level below the MCL.

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