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The AquaOx Advantage

  • 30 days easy returns
  • Orders before 12pm typically have same day dispatch
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Best Tasting Water On The Planet
  • Premium Filtration Above All Other Systems
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Customer Advantages

Key health advantages the world’s best 7-stage filter provides for every home:

Clean Water

Removes Harmful Contaminants


Industry-Leading Warranty


Automatic Backwashing Head

Veteran Owned

Designed In The USA


100% Customer Satisfaction


“After much research, we purchased the AquaOx and have never looked back. All the benefits promised were delivered. Bathing young children in chlorinated water was scary considering every so often our city would mail a TTHM (trihalomethane) warning. This is cancer stuff. Not only does AquaOx eliminate chlorine in the water but also 100s of other contaminants, including lead. Our family and yes, even our loving pets, have welcomed the overall benefits. Your skin and hair after showering feels amazing. Great for coffee and cooking. Great for drinking. Basically, just GREAT.”

ENJOY LIFE TO THE FULLEST GLASS. The AquaOx has a 7-stage filtration process that filters out unwanted contaminants, toxins, and heavy metals, including but not limited to chlorine, lead, mercury and trihalomethanes (known cancer-causers). Since the skin is an organ, it’s not all about drinking. Watch this video about how quickly chlorine is absorbed through the skin.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Maximum Service Flow (gpm)


Inlet/Outlet Connection

1" male threaded

Connections Height From Floor


Backwash Drain Connections

1/2" PVC Female Glue


41-100 Degrees Fahrenheit



Head Digital Power

Regular 110 Outlet

Filter Type

Whole House

19 reviews for AquaOx – 2,000,000+ Gallons

  1. Jack Henderson

    The AquaOx is absolutely amazing in every way! Our water is so much better now. The taste is amazing once you remove all the harmful stuff in your water. We highly recommend this system.

  2. RobNtha G

    This unit is an amazing. It requires no maintenance . I did months of research and so happy I found the AquaOx. I proudly recommend this system to family and friends and have peace of mind knowing that we no longer have to think about all the contaminants that use to plague our water. If family is your main concern in life as is mine, I highly recommend AquaOX. THANK YOU!

  3. Kelly Arthur

    There is comfort in knowing that so many chemicals are filtered through the AquaOx. It is one more tool in our defense arsenal to protect our family. I love how it takes care of itself and requires zero monthly/ quarterly upkeep from me!

  4. Mark W

    We recently purchased an AquaOx water softener system to attach to our existing AquaOx water filtration system, as our well water has a high level of rust and a problem with Ph. Michael Corcoran expedited the delivery of the system so that it arrived before Thanksgiving!! Sloan was available to help the plumber install the system, and to help me set up the backwash schedule. The softener turned out to be the missing piece, and now our water quality is great!! Thanks Michael and Sloan!!

  5. Charlotte Staraitis

    I have had this water filter for over 2 yrs now. I love that I can drink my tap water. My skin & hair feels great and I can really tell the difference when I travel and am exposed to Chlorine. After all my research, I am so glad I made this purchase. I have told all my friends and several have purchased too!

  6. Ashley S

    I cannot say enough positive things about AquaOx and the owner, Michael. Michael spent a couple of hours over the course of a few calls with me to make sure our AquaOx filter was installed correctly. He even went above and beyond when we had challenges getting the system installed by a local plumber. Our water tastes great, and we are at peace knowing our drinking, cooking and bathing water is safe for our children.

  7. Jamie Lettau

    I just have to give a shout out to the staff at AquaOx. We bought a whole home filtration system from them. We love the product. But even more than that… they have the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE OF ANY COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH. Any time we’ve had questions, they’ve answered or called right back, they drew us extra diagrams, explained everything really well, made sure we weren’t buying parts we didn’t need, gave us numbers to call anytime (day or night) if we have questions… Everyone I talked to was super friendly and helpful. They are a veteran owned business, the owner has even call me a couple of times to answer my questions and help me get set up. I can’t even say enough about this company. If you are looking to get a whole home water filtration system, please check them out.

  8. Delia K.

    We have been very happy with the AquaOx system. We noticed an immediate difference in the quality of the water throughout our home. The installation went smoothly with a plumber and we will be moving soon and are glad to have a system that we can take with us.

  9. Peggy Payne

    We love our AquaOx filtration system! We’ve had it in for about a year. There is zero work involved and zero problems as well. The install seemed super easy too. We could tell a difference right away in just the taste and smell of our water – no more highly chlorinated water! Our fish tank loves it too. Thanks for such a quality product!

  10. Ruanne Banse

    Love love love our Aquaox. We love having clean water from every faucet in the house and we are saving tons of money on buying water and even more economic on the plastic bottles we were throwing away. Get one today! You will love it!

  11. Jared R.

    High quality water filtration system that my family and I are very happy with! No more stinky chlorine baths! Really glad I spent hours and hours researching and searching for one of the better machines, I also installed myself super easy! Great product! Worth the money!

  12. Laetitia D.

    We have had our AquaOx filter installed for a little over a year now. We love that it removes the chloramines and other chemicals in the whole house. We have not had any issues and look forward to enjoying clean water for many years because our health is worth the investment.

  13. Randy Scroggins

    We bought a unit but decided to move before we installed it, so we gave it to our daughter. We bought a second unit and installed it in the new home. We’re very pleased with both units and with the company’s response.

  14. Steve P

    Great water in our WHOLE House – showering – cooking – drinking – No Filters to change – We love the unit. I even had the water tested and the testing company said “I had great water” ……

  15. Micheal N.

    Great product and people to work with! Highly recommend the Aqua Ox for purifying the water of our whole house…not just the drinking water

  16. Adele S.

    Fantastic water after we installed!

  17. Bkchambers44

    It was a great decision to purchase the Aqua Ox system. The plumber needed assistance with installation and received immediate support. The water was tested by National Testing Labs after installation of the filter system and the report was remarkable. It filtered all contaminants that were of concern.

  18. C. Benavides – Dearborn Heights, MI (verified owner)

    I managed to install the RO system myself, and it runs great! My wife noticed the difference shortly after installing. She especially loves how the faucet finish looks and prefers using it to clean vegetables and for cooking. I use it to drink everyday and don’t miss bottled water and love how much money it has saved us! Thanks for the exceptional customer service and fast shipping on replacement filters!

  19. Kathleen B. – Bolivia, NC

    We have had our AquaOx since January 2019. We love it! Every time we hear about the horrible water in the Brunswick County area, we laugh and are very grateful for our AquaOx!

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