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The solution to hard water.

  • If you put shampoo in your hair and it feels like you put conditioner in by accident because it doesn’t lather, you may have a hard water problem.
  • If your dishes have white spots on them or your shower head clogs up and has to be cleaned all the time you may have hard water.

Calcium is most likely the problem. The only true way to remove calcium from water is with a traditional salt water softener. A lot of people are selling salt free systems which are good for anti scaling but do not soften water nor do they remove calcium. Don’t fall for this trap. The AquaOx WS is a top of the line water softener. It will remove the calcium and other hard minerals from the water. Your soap will lather and there won’t be spots on your dishes. The WS is 64” tall 10” diameter and has a brine tank that is 15”x17”x31”. It also has a touch screen head. The WS has the highest quality resin and the latest technology with up flow regeneration which uses less water and less salt.

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AquaOx WS (Water Softener) $1,999.00

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  • Zero Maintenance
  • Best Tasting Water On The Planet
  • Premium Filtration Above All Other Systems
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