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Safeguarding Water, One of Our Sacred Basic Needs

Water is necessary for our survival as it serves several functions to help keep the human body stay clean and healthy. It allows us to stay hydrated through drinking and cleansed from daily exposure to bacteria by bathing. This is why we should safeguard this basic need to prevent it from being contaminated with dangerous substances that can cause severe health problems for us. 

According to Aquasana, there are a number of dangerous contaminants found in almost every local water supply around the world. These contaminants can cause harm to anyone drinking or even bathing in it and can even worsen if left untreated.

In this article, we’re going to discuss why we need to protect our water supply and why it’s now necessary to have a whole house water filter installed in your home.

Pollution and Our Local Water Supply

Studies have shown that nutrient pollution has caused a spike in contaminants found in our local water supply. These contaminants are mostly chemicals such as nitrogen and phosphorus where, in excessive amounts, can become too deadly to drink.

Most of the pollutants found here come from the chemical waste used in agricultural areas. Without any proper waste disposal, the waste chemicals tend to go underground or in nearby bodies of water. 

As almost every city around the globe rely on natural water supplies such as lakes, rivers, and streams. With pollution around the world increasing, it’s become a high health risk for them to use their tap water without a proper filtration system.

Dangerous Contaminants Currently Found in Our Water Supply

Although it isn’t noticeable, there are various dangerous contaminants found in your tap water. With decades of pollution increasing the amount of water contamination, it’s almost impossible to find a place where there’s clean running water without the need for any type of filtration.

The most common contaminants found in your water supply are:

  • Hard water (Naturally Occurring in Some Areas)
  • Organic and Inorganic Chemicals
  • Disease-Causing Bacterias

There have also been studies around America where there’s a lethal amount of Lead, Chlorine, and even radioactive substances found in their water supply. The level of exposure can also further increase if pollution and improper waste disposal isn’t taken care of.

Ways to Protect Our Drinking Water Sources

In order to prevent further contamination of one of our basic human needs, it’s now essential for us to become active citizens and take part in various methods in protecting our local water supply. 

Proper Waste Disposal

One of the most simple and easiest ways to help protect your local drinking water is to properly dispose of your waste. You can do this by:

    • Avoid disposing hazardous waste like pesticides and household cleaners into the ground or surface water.
    • Inspect and maintain your septic system to prevent any leakage. One small crack can cause bacteria, viruses, and even chemicals to get into the soil and into your water system.
  • Properly disposing of your medicine to avoid any unneeded chemical reaction. Some local plants also aren’t designed to filter out chemicals found in medicine which can cause massive contamination in your water supply.

Be a Volunteer in Your Community

You can join or start a group within your community that prioritizes creating new methods of lessening the amount of pollution in your area. This can either be a cleanup project, an awareness campaign, or a pollution prevention project like putting signs to let people know how their actions might increase pollution.

Community Level Source Water Protection

The highest method of helping safeguard your local water source is to work with other communities to assess and create methods for protecting public water systems.

Working with another community increases the effectiveness of your plans and can also create bigger waves. This call influences more people to join your cause for protecting your local water supply to reduce the amount of contamination around your area. 

The Need for a Whole House Water Filter

In order to stay safe from the various contaminants found in our local water supply, it’s now necessary for every home to be equipped with a whole house water filter

Through this helpful machine, you’ll be provided with clean running tap water without the fear of drinking any harmful contaminant which can cause severe health problems. 

How a Whole House Water Filter Helps

A whole house water filter can give off a lot of advantages such as removing every type of contaminant found in your local water supply. It does this by using activated carbon to trap the contaminants found in your water, preventing them from moving forward to your home’s water supply. 

By installing it in your main water supply, not only can you have purified water in your tap, you can also have it in your bath so you can have a healthier shower.

In the event of a Natural Disaster

During a natural disaster such as a flood or a hurricane, it’s almost close to impossible to find clean water near your home. Your water supply is contaminated with a number of unknown contaminants, which can increase if a leakage has occurred. 

By having a whole house water filter, clean water can now be accessible to your home. All you need to do is to flush the filter’s tank a few times to remove all of the waste inside it and it’s ready to offer you purified drinking water. 

As whole house water filters are also sturdy, the chances of it breaking during a natural disaster is slim. This makes it a choice for people living in disaster-prone areas.


If you’re in need of a water filtration system for your home then don’t hesitate and call us now

AquaOx water filters provide you the necessary type of whole house water filter system needed for your home. With just one call away, you can get the right type of water filtration system that’s fit for your house. 



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