Bacteria & Virus Water Filtration

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    AquaOx DF 12 (Removes Viruses & Bacteria)


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  • AquaOx DF 2 – Point of Use


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  • AquaOx Disinfection Filter Point of Use

    AquaOx DF 1 – Point of Use


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  • AquaOx DF XL web

    AquaOx DF 12 XL (Removes Viruses & Bacteria)


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  • AquaOxDisinfectionPostReverseOsmosis(RO)unit verticalshot

    AquaOx DF RO Protection (6 inch)


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  • AquaOxDisinfectionROProtectioninch

    AquaOx Disinfection Filter – RO Protection (10 inch)


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  • AquaOx DF 7 – Garden Hose Water Filter – Agriculture


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Need whole house filtration in addition to filtering out viruses and bacteria? Checkout our whole house water filter here – –  or our bacteria water filter.

Bacteria & Viruses - The DF is More Effective Than UV Lights!

  • No power needed
  • No bulbs to replace
  • 50% smaller footprint than other systems

Did you get a boil advisory or boil order because of an issue with the municipal water filtration system that resulted in bacteria, viruses, or parasites leaking into the water? The AquaOx Disinfection Filter disinfects the water using the same technology used by commercial-grade disinfection units. Our system one has been engineered to deliver fresh, clean, tasty drinking water, no matter how far — or close — you live to civilization. There are no wires to connect, no chemicals to add, and the unit is maintenance free to operate. Perfect for well or city water systems.

Explore our virus and bacteria removal water filtration systems to enjoy safe water throughout your home for a variety of applications.

No Chemicals. No Power.