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Michael: 00:00 Yeah. Well, you know, I look at … You know, it’s amazing. People will spend money on their automobile. Every day your car is going in for an oil change, tire rotation, got to replace the carburetor or the transmission. People will take amazing care of their automobiles because they have got to get from point A to point B. But your body, consider it like an engine, and it needs fuel to run. You could … live without food for 30 days or more.

Michael: 00:27 You cannot live longer than one week without water. So water is vital to the body. And I always thought, well gosh, if you lose an engine in a car, just replace the engine or replace the car. But if you lose certain things in your body, whether it’s an organ function. Those are tough to replace. So I think from the health benefits of purified water, your eyes, your ears, your nose … the way your skin absorbs water is very important.

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