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The three things that are needed for a system like the AquaOx, you need power to run the system because every system has a computerized flunk head, which is a … modulator that controls the backwash for the system. You need that. You need to know where the main water comes into your home. Sometimes that’s hard to figure out. Where’s this water? Which pipe is … Basements are great because we know where it’s coming in. The third thing that you need is a drain, because I do believe in backwash and I think my systems last. I’ve never replaced a system since 2005 due to any mechanical failure or degradation of the water. I think it’s through amazing backwash efficiencies. My water system is a Double Vortech tank with backwash and back washes about every three days. And that I believe is what stirs up the media and flushes out the things that it removes.

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