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Drinking Pure Water The Benefits For Those With Diabetes

In the book “A Diabetic Doctor Looks at Diabetes” by Dr. Peter Lodewick, the author Dr. Lodewick emphasises that tap water has a lot of “stuff” in it that your body has to deal with. Along with the fact that dealing with that stuff puts stress on your kidneys.

Your body works harder because it has to filter out things from the water that your body would be better without. Much of this you will be aware of from the “How Safe Is Tap Water?” section above.

The more you do to make things easy for your body, the better.

So having a water filtration system that filters out contaminants, before they get to your body.

Is a good thing.

Especially for diabetics. With blood filtration being enough of a bodily stress for those with diabetes, doing things to reduce that bodily stress is very much beneficial to you.

Plus. Water helps you to avoid issues with sugar spikes, and insulin problems.

Pure water is a zero calorie, zero sugar, drink which your body loves.

Plus, because it is free from artificial additives, it is basically just doing your body good.

That is the kind of health value that comes to you if you have diabetes, when you have an AquaOx water filtration system fitted, and working away, in your home.

A quality whole house filter helps you to manage your diabetes.