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Whole House Water Filter The Healthy Foundation For A Happy Life

With modern life being what it is, there are a lot of chemicals that get into your water supply.

Water is a critical part of who you are. On a huge number of levels.

As a new born baby, around 78% of your body is water. At the age of one, that percentage becomes about 65%. Most of the change in your bodily composition, of water that is, happens in the first twelve months of your life.

As an adult, your body is made up of approximately 60% water.

Your brain however is approximately 85% water.

Water is more than just something you bathe in, use to wash your food, then drink when you feel the need to.

Water is what is largely responsible for your body working in the way it does.

Water And How Sensitive Your Body Is To Changes In The Amount Of Water In It
Even as little a 2% reduction in your body’s water content leads to you being less alert, and feeling tired. So even mild amounts of dehydration can cause issues for your quality of life. Make sure to drink filtered water to have a happier life.