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Why Medical Professionals are Recommending Whole House Water Filters

It’s important for every household to have safe and clean drinking water running in their homes in order to stay healthy. Though with our current global climate, our natural waters are filled with more pollution and dangerous contaminants. 

As stated in scientificamerican, there are over 316 types of contaminants that contain unfiltered tap water where each of them can abruptly cause various health problems. 

In order to prevent these contaminants from infecting people by just drinking tap water, medical professionals fully recommend the use of whole house water filters. Here we’re going to talk about why it’s necessary to use a whole house water filter and how it’s able to help take care of your health.

Dangerous Contaminants in Your Tap Water

Although our water source goes through a filtering process before going to every home, it still contains several kinds of dangerous contaminants which are proven to be health risks. It’s a fact that most tap water in the U.S. has heavy amounts of dangerous contaminants from environmental and industrial pollution

These dangerous contaminants found in unfiltered tap water are either:

  • Organic and Inorganic Chemicals – Common dangerous chemicals found are Chromium, Arsenic, Copper, Chlorine, and Mercury.
  • Disease Causing Pathogens – E.Coli, Salmonella, Vibrio, Giardia, Rotaviruses, and Norwalk Virus.
  • Hard Water – Water containing excessive amounts of minerals which calcify into calcium carbonate when water dries up. This can cause skin irritation and even clog up your water source due to the buildup of the minerals.

Without any type of filtration system such as a whole house water filter in your home, all of these contaminants can enter into your home and cause health risk just by drinking or bathing in your water. 

How a Whole House Filter Helps

In order to be safe from these contaminants, it’s necessary to install a water filtration in your home to prevent any type of contaminants from entering your home’s plumbing system. Medical professionals tend to recommend the best product currently available which is the whole house water filter.

A whole house water filter works by filtering the water in your local water supply with activated carbon granules. Through this, all the contaminants found in the water are trapped in the filter, purifying your water supply once it gets inside your home’s water supply.

There are different types of whole house water filters with each of them having their own filtering system and specific contaminants to remove in your water supply. Through this, you’ll be able to have purified drinking water that’s free from any type of dangerous disease-causing contaminant.

Benefits of Getting a Whole House Filter

Another reason why medical professionals tend to recommend whole house water filters is that once your water is filtered, you’ll be able to have various health benefits with drinking purified water. 

Turns Hard Water into Soft Water

Experiencing hard water is one of the most inconvenient problems that every person with a local water system with a high mineral content faces. Without any proper maintenance or prevention plan, it causes white spots called “lime scales” and can accumulate in the long run.

This scaling effect can damage your kitchenware, clog up your pipes, and even cause dry skin and irritation. What’s more problematic is that they’re quite hard to remove as they can’t even be wiped off by using the strongest soap available. 

Prevention is the best method to top hard water and the best way to prevent this is through the use of a whole house water filter. By undergoing its filtering process, the minerals containing in hard water is blocked by the activated carbon in the filter. This converts hard water into soft water which is free of minerals and gives you a much convenient experience when using your tap.

Offers a more Healthy and Moisturized Skin

Since a whole house water filter is able to filter out any type of contaminant, bathing in purified water lets you experience a more refreshing bath. It lets you to get a proper scrub out of your body, making you look younger and cleaner once you’re done with your showern.

When using unfiltered tap water to bathe with, it gives off a an uncomfortable experience and is even proven to be quite harmful to your body. Hard water and dangerous pollutants can cause cause your dry skin, skin irritation, and even block your pores which can result in an eventual acne breakout. 

Through using a whole house water filter, it prevents any type of these contaminants to even touch your skin. Without facing chlorine or hard water, your skin can become more elastic giving you a more younger appearance. It also lower its chances of having an acne breakout.

Creates Clean and Safe Drinking Water no Matter what Happens

One of the biggest advantage of getting a whole house water filter is that even after a natural disaster like a flood or a storm, you’ll still be able to get purified water. Whole house water filters are sturdy and whenever your local water system is damaged, you can still use it after a bit of cleaning.

This gives you the luxury of keeping you and your family clean and hydrated no matter what happens. 

Whole House Filter for People with Water Sensetivities

If you or one of your family members has water sensitivity, then it’s important for them to drink and bathe in water that’s free of all types of contaminants. Even with just a small amount of contaminant that’s exposed to them can cause a deadly reaction.

Since whole house water filters are very effective in purifying water as it removed all of the contaminants in it, it’s now one of the most recommended type of water filter to use for people who have water sensitivities. This way, they’re safe from any chances of having a bad reaction from contaminated water.

Although your home’s tap water seems clean, there’s still a massive chance that it’s contaminated with a large amount of dangerous chemicals and bacteria. This is why it’s essential to install a whole house water filter in your home. 

If you’ve found this article informative then share why not share this to your friends? You’ll be able to let them be informed more about the benefits of using a whole house water filter.


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