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Everything You Need To Know About Interpreting Your Water Quality Reports

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Every human being is unique and different from each other, but every human being has the same needs to survive. One very common need for every human being in the world is water. Water is very important for every human being and living thing to survive. 

Humans drink and use water to survive. Humans like you use water for taking a bath, washing dishes, washing clothes, cooking, and many more. Living things such as animals and plants also need water to survive, which is common knowledge for everyone.

Impure Water

There are a lot of natural sources of water, such as rain, ice, snow, fog, clouds, or the different bodies of water. But, even if the water came from a natural source, this does not mean that the water is pure. Pure water cannot be collected without using any water filter. 

Even if it fell from the clouds as rain, that water is not pure, or the water quality is not supreme. It is because as the water pours from the sky, it can pick up a lot of substances such as ions, gases, dust, or other small particulate matter as it reaches the ground.

There are so many substances that can be mixed with water. And, this is why water is considered to be impure. There are a lot of impurities such as radiologic impurities, biological impurities, or chemical and physical impurities that could be in your water.

The different impurities and unwanted substances in the water may come from salt, metal, bacteria, solvents, vegetable matter, pesticides, algae, and viruses. If the water that you have did not pass by a water filter, then the water quality is still not good because you need to get these impurities out of the water through a water filter.

Another clue that impure water gives off is from its color, turbidity, hardness, corrosiveness, odor, frothing, staining, and taste. You can tell through something as simple as the color of the water if it is impure or not.

Testing Your Water

You, as the homeowner should be well aware of the water that you have at home. You should be mindful of the water that you use to drink and cook because if the water has harmful substances that it could give illnesses and other health hazards to people who drink it. Since water is a very vital part of our everyday lives, there are a lot of people worrying about the condition or purity level of the water. 

Homeowners are worried about the illness that it could give to the people taking it. Industrial owners and employees are constantly worried about the water because impure water can damage or corrode the pipes that the company is using. Some farmers or agricultural employees are worried about water quality. If the water quality is bad, then it could affect the growth of their crops or plants.

The water that is being used by any person should be properly checked for water quality so that everyone will be aware of what they are taking in their bodies or putting to their plants and pieces of equipment. There are so many tests that could be done to assess the water quality, so there is no reason not to do it.

Since there are various measurements and standards of how much of a particular substance could be in the water, the only thing left for you to do is to have your water checked. It is your responsibility to have your water checked, especially if you are using a private water system because it is not the responsibility of the government to have it checked.

The government is actively checking the water quality from the public water system, but they do not check the private water systems since it is the owner’s responsibility. Thus, if you are using a private connection, you should find professionals who can do the water quality test for you so that you will know what is in your water.

If you have your water quality tested, you will be receiving reports from the professional laboratory which tested the water sample from your water system. With this, you have to be aware of how to interpret the results of the water quality test reports.

Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)

This is also known as the water quality report; this is a report to let you know the composition of the water that you are using. This is what you receive after the testing of the water quality of the water you have at home.  This report will contain a lot of information including the source of your water system and the different substances or contaminants that are in your water. Furthermore, the CCR can also tell you the different illnesses or the different effects of the contaminants found in your water.

You can also expect that your CCR will include the standards, policies, and laws that govern your community regarding the water systems; both public and private. The report will also contain the process or the method or the use of what water filter system to keep the water clean for people to use.

If you want to have a CCR, you should have your water system tested first through a trusted and professional laboratory. Only professionals can perform testing. The reason for this is because they have all of the tools and equipment necessary to produce trusted and real results.

Interpreting Your Water Quality Results

You will find the list of substances and impurities on your CCR. Alongside this are the numbers that indicate the concentration of each substance. The concentration is the number of pollutants in a volume of water.

Commonly, laboratories use milligrams per Liter of water as the form of measurement for the concentration of pollutants. It means that one part of the pollutant is in one million parts of water or PPM.

If there are any toxic pollutants in the water, parts per billion are used to measure it. And the pH level of the water is written as an index number. Moreover, some pollutants have their unit of measurements, such as turbidity and the hardness of the water.

How to Tell if The Water Is Contaminated?

For you to be able to read the results accurately, you have to have a basis. You must be aware of the minimum and maximum measurement of how much a substance can be present in the water. And, if the contaminant goes beyond that standard, then it only means one thing; the water is contaminated or polluted.

Standard tables are expressing the EPA Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCL), including Secondary Drinking Water Regulations (SDWR), which are the information you need to interpret the results of your water quality tests accurately.

To end, you must be aware that you should do this water testing once at least six (6) months from each other so that you can make sure that you are using clean water. 

Another important thing one should remember is that it is nearly impossible to have the ultimate pure water, which means that there are substances that are in the water that we are using. But, the most important thing that we should look out for is the values of these substances if it is within or outside the standard range.

To ensure that your water is extra safe for usage and consumption, investing on a whole house water filter would be the way to go. Aqua Ox offers a cutting-edge whole house water filter that guarantees that your water’s quality will never be compromised. See more here

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Table of Contents

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