Is there a bypass valve on the AquaOx water filtration system? Watch this video and learn more at

00:00 Yeah, that’s a good point. I have a bypass system on the system, because if anything ever happened to the water filter, I want to make sure the home that’s typically got children, you’re not left without water, and you don’t have to go out to the front yard and turn the water off if there’s a lake or a problem.

00:17 Now we’ve never had a lake. We’ve never had a problem. But in my installation instructions, there’s two safety measures of bypass that you could bypass at the filter itself, or you could bypass before the filter, so your original water is exactly as if the water system was never there. But if you had to replace the filter, you unclip two screws, take the system off and put another system right on. It’s that easy.

00:43 Wow.

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