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Why Does My Water Taste Like Plastic?

plastic water taste

The Reasons Your Water Tastes Like Plastic

There are several reasons why you might taste plastic in your drinking water. As you might know, water goes through a plumbing system from the water source to the pipelines leading to the faucet of your home. The pipes used are among the common causes of why tap water taste like plastic. Since pipelines are made from a variety of materials such as lead, copper, and plastic, corrosion and leachates may influence the taste of tap water. Today, the majority of the pipes used in most communities are made from plastic substances because it is much cheaper compared to the other materials.

Sometimes, the taste of plastic might come right from the pipes that bring water into our homes. If you’re wondering why your tap water recently tastes like plastic, you might want to check out your plumbing. You may be surprised how your pipelines influence the taste and smell of drinking water.

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What’s in the Plastic Pipes?

When pipes were first used for indoor plumbing, they were commonly made from lead. We all know that lead poisoning is horrific and that toxic metals should not be used to transport our drinking water, but that wasn’t always common knowledge.

As years passed, contractors and builders switched to the cleaner, less toxic material of copper for piping. This worked well, especially as heated water became common in housing and commercial buildings.

Some buildings now use nontoxic galvanized plumbing, but with this option, metallic flavors from the zinc and manganese occur naturally, and not everyone appreciates the mineralized flavoring, even though it isn’t harmful to health.

That brings us to the issue of plastic plumbing. Plastic pipes are the most common household plumbing option due to their affordability and durability. The plastic taste that comes with their use reminds people of bottled water that has sat in the sun for too long. Combined with the chlorine taste of city water, you end up with a less than desirable flavor palette.

While copper pipes were the best option for many years, as time goes by and repairs and updates are made, thee pipes are phasing out and being replaced with plastic.

Does Plastic Piping Affect the Quality of Tap Water?

Plastic pipe has been around for years since they were approved for use with drinking water. Despite passing the safety standard, there are still issues surrounding the use of the plastic pipe. Did you know that plumbing may affect the taste and smell of your water? The use of a strong solvent may leave an undesired taste and odor. If you had a recent plumbing job, allow the chemical residue and byproduct of the solvent to be flushed before you use the tap water. Sealing products are toxic and may affect your health.


If Your Tap Water Has a Chemical Taste

In some cases, tap water may smell like an antiseptic or the cleaning agent TCP. The common cause of this issue is the reaction of water with fixtures due to poor piping fixtures, the lack of check valves to prevent backflow into your pipes, and deteriorated pipes.

A common cause for this problem can be pipes that haven’t been correctly connected and positioned, so that your tap water is actually coming into contact with contaminated water that is leaving other appliances, such as your dishwasher. Having a professional check the mapping of your plumbing can confirm suspicions that soap may be contaminating your drinking water.

If You Just Moved

Water doesn’t typically just come straight from the ground into your drinking glass. Water treatment plants in each municipality have their own water supply. Water supplies have variations in taste based on water tables and sources. Switching municipality can mean switching supplier, and you may be noticing that subtle difference in taste simply from changing location.

If you have recently switched from a city water source to a well water source, you will likely be noticing drastic differences in taste based on mineral content and chlorine taste. The water taste in your new home is very likely to be different, even if it isn’t a plastic taste that you are noticing.

If Your Drinking Water Comes From a Plastic Water Pitcher

Water absorbs flavors from any porous containers it is stored in. If you are drinking from a plastic container, you are likely to get a plastic flavor. Try switching to glass or stainless steel and see if the flavor improves!

The Health Risks of Plastic Tasting and Smelling Water

Extreme changes in the odor and taste of your drinking water often cause for concern. Taking note of toxins building up in our plumbing system can prevent serious diseases and health complications.

PVC is known to contain phthalates, however there are different types of PVC used in items like toys, as opposed to the rigid PVC used in plumbing. There’s much debate over the safety of PVC piping, but in general, if your water is absorbing a plastic taste, you should try to determine the reason, and work to purify it of the contaminants causing the odor.

It is not uncommon for people to switch to a filtration system and have health problems show sudden change for the better. If you have nagging health issues that you can’t get to the bottom of, it may be time to take the leap and make your water as clean as possible.

How to Get Rid of the Plastic Taste in Your Water

If you’re experiencing changes with the odor and taste of your tap water, you should seek professional help to address the problem right away. An expert can help you pinpoint the cause of the water issue. You may also talk to your neighbors and ask them regarding the type of plumbing materials they use and whether they have water problems or not.

What Should Tap Water Taste Like?

Clean water should have a neutral, pleasant taste, or no taste at all. Because of what residual minerals it contains, some tap water has a sweet or slightly metallic taste that is beneficial to our health.

If your water does not taste pleasant, you need to invest in a water filtration system for your home. Tap water quality is mostly based on municipal water system quality, your water lines, and weather or not you are on a private well. But only until you use a high quality filtration system on your treated water to take it to the next level.

Water Filter Systems and Improved Water Quality

You can improve the taste and odor of your water by merely installing a high-quality water filtration system. AquaOx has some of the best water filter products in the market today. Water filters systematically remove contaminants and impurities in the water before it goes out of your faucets. Aside from improving its taste and odor, AquaOx filters retain minerals the human body needs. Get a water filter system today, and keep your loved ones safe at all times!

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