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Why Is My Tap Water Yellow?

What you may not see in your drinking water may actually hurt you.

Sometimes, changes in our tap water occur due for several reasons. Changes in smell, taste, and color are easy to notice.

Unfortunately, some contaminants are untraceable by our senses and would require water tests to check the quality of the water source.

If you have tinted water, your water source is most likely contaminated with bacteria or chemical elements. Either of these pollutants is worth investigating to address the problem right away before it affects your health.

yellow water in the sink

Is Yellow Water Dangerous?

Yellow water is often a minor problem that does not significantly threaten human health. However, anything that makes your water impure and unclean should be a cause for concern.

Here at AquaOX, we believe your family should only drink the best quality water.

The changes in the color of your water are generally caused by several changes in the water supply, including water utility flushing and repairs, iron bacteria in your private well, organic material, and contaminants such as manganese and iron. Any of the abovementioned causes may turn your crystal clear water yellow.

Your Water Supply

The reason for the color change you see will depend on the source of your home’s water. If you live on a property with a private well, your water will likely be naturally higher in certain minerals than in city water. However, it could still be at risk of contamination from an overabundance of some of these minerals.

On the other hand, if you live in an area with a city water supply, your water is likely treated in a municipal water plant. Public water systems will sometimes be affected by contamination due to natural disasters. However, they also receive routine maintenance, which can sometimes affect the color of your water flow temporarily.

Potential Causes of Yellow City Water

Although city water is treated in municipal facilities, it can still be subject to environmental changes and the byproducts of that same filtration process. Some of the things that can make your city water yellow are:

Utility Company is Performing Repairs

Since every water supply system requires regular maintenance and repair, rust and other materials may be distributed to your water line. Bacteria thrive in rusty environments, which is why utility companies perform repairs and maintenance. In addition, the maintenance process keeps check of the condition of the water lines and facility for optimum performance and water quality. If you find water coloration during or after maintenance, the best thing to do is to avoid drinking tap water. Contact your local water supplier and inform them about the yellowish water. Buy bottled water until the tap water quality is back to normal. If you use a private well, address the problem before using the water source again. Conduct regular water tests and maintenance to ensure quality water.

Utility Company is Flushing the Water Lines

Similarly to the above, your local utility company may occasionally flush the main water lines in an area to remove buildup and sediment and to keep the whole system running smoothly. They’ll do this by increasing the water pressure of the supply, which can dislodge rust and other particles in your drinking water. A good indicator that this is the cause of the yellow tint in your glass is if it only happens when you run the cold water. If the opposite is true and the problem seems to be only with hot water, it could be a problem related to your water heater.

Potential Causes of Yellow Well Water

If you rely on a private well for your drinking water, chances are, you’ll run through some problems like water coloration. If you detect yellow well water, it could be from one of these sources:

Organic Material

Mother Nature’s fermentation process produces by-products called tannins. When water mixes with decaying vegetation and organic matter, it can cause changes in its color. Tannins cause discoloration in the water and turn it yellow. Fortunately, tannins do not contribute to health problems. Aside from the water coloration, they do not pose a health risk to humans, animals, and plants. However, it would be best if you still took action to improve the color and quality of your water by removing the tannins.

Iron and Manganese Build Up

Chemical elements in groundwater supplies will affect the color, and smell of your drinking water. They can also lead to an unpleasant metallic taste. Ferric Iron (Fe) and Manganese (Mn) are found together in many private wells. Although they turn your water yellow, they do not have significant effects on human health. According to medical experts, our bodies need both iron and manganese to maintain good health. However, you must take action to improve your drinking water’s color, taste, and smell. Reducing Iron and Manganese can solve the yellow well water issue.

Iron Bacteria in Well Water

When bacteria combine with iron, manganese, and oxygen, it results in yellowish water in your groundwater supply. It is quite common to find iron bacteria contamination in private wells after conducting water tests. While they change the color of the water, iron bacteria is not a threat to human health. Just like with the other culprits, though, you need to eliminate them from your water source to keep the water clean and clear. In order to eliminate iron bacteria, dump a gallon of bleach into the well to shock it. After an hour, flush the well water by running your system until the chlorine smell dissipates. This tends to work extremely well for removing iron bacteria from water.

Surface Water Contamination

If you notice discolored water after heavy rain, it could be due to surface water leaking into your well supply. The runoff could contain pesticides, animal waste, and other harmful contaminants that can turn your water yellow. Other environmental sources of contamination could be local rivers and streams, pipelines and sewers, and chemical spills. If you suspect that these things could contaminate your well water, it’s a good idea to consult a water specialist.

The Health Risks of Yellow Water

The presence of iron bacteria, iron and manganese, and organic material in your water, as well as rust during scheduled maintenance, does not mean your health is in danger. While small amounts of rust won’t hurt you, avoiding drinking rust-contaminated water is still best to safeguard your health. Iron in water supplies provides the body with essential nutrients to keep it healthy. However, there are better sources of iron instead of iron-contaminated drinking water. Upon first notice of changes in the color of your tap water, immediately contact your supplier. It is also smart to avoid drinking or using water at the moment to prevent unnecessary evil.

Since the human body readily absorbs iron, bathing or taking a shower in yellow water is safe. However, long-term exposure to high mineral-content water may cause skin, hair, and scalp problems. Constant exposure to high mineral-content water may leave your skin dry. It can also cause an itchy scalp and dry hair. Eliminating the mineral content will correct the skin, hair, and scalp problem.

The Solution for Yellow Tap Water

The best action to take is to identify the source of the discoloration, so you can eliminate the root cause. A water test will give you information about the culprit. Investing in a water treatment system can eliminate contaminates and their associated health risks and are the best solution to fix yellow water.

Whole House Water filter systems are designed to purify tap water for safe and healthy drinking water at home. With many revolutionary filtration systems in the market today, most buyers are overwhelmed with making the right decision.

The AquaOx offers families a unique protection model in that it offers more stages of filtration without requiring replacement filters. In the short term, customers get better protection against a wider swath of contaminants. In the long run, customers save money.

It’s a win-win.

Solve your yellow water problem with The AquaOx

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