Got Hydrogen Sulfide (The Rotten Egg Smell)? We Remove That.

Water Smells Like Rotten Eggs

Do you have a rotten egg smell in your water? Does it smell up your house, make your clothes stink and make you gag when you take a shower? Can you drink it or cook with your water smelling that way? You have a hydrogen sulfide problem. Hydrogen sulfide is a gas easily identified by its “rotten egg” smell. This is caused by decaying matter in your water. It is very tough to live with and I’m sure the wife or husband is reminding you every day. It is more commonly found in well water than municipal water. Exposure to lower concentrations can result in eye irritation, a sore throat and cough, nausea, shortness of breath, and fluid in the lungs. Long-term, low-level exposure may result in fatigue, loss of appetite, headaches, irritability, poor memory, and dizziness. Chronic exposure to low-level H2S has been implicated in increased miscarriage and reproductive health issues. The AquaOx can remove the hydrogen sulfide from your water and rid you of the awful smell. When friends and family come over its embarrassing. AquaOx has engineered a revolutionary solution.

How Are You Smelling Rotten Eggs In Your Home?

The AquaOx itself is so powerful that it will solve your rotten egg smell issue if you are smelling it right at the faucet or shower.

If you smell it out in the room, you have an extreme sulfur issue with your water and will need the AquaOx + Extreme Rotten Egg Smell Bundle.

AquaOx RE “Rotten Egg” Bundle

Enter the AquaOx RE Edition. This system is designed specifically to eliminate the rotten egg smell you are experiencing with your water. It will eliminate the bad egg smell and taste from the water in your whole house and last up to ten years with little to no maintenance. No more gagging when you bathe, shower, drink, cook or smell your clothes. The AquaOx RE Edition is very easy to install. You simply connect the main water line of the house to the inlet and connect the line leading into the house to the outlet. Then connect a PVC line to the backwash outlet and plug it into a regular power outlet. It’s that simple. So just know that you don’t have to live with the bad egg smell anymore. The AquaOx RE Edition is here.

The human body uses water in all its organs, tissues, and cells for optimum body function. Since we lose water from different activities through our sweat, breathing, and digestion, rehydrating our body with fluids is essential.

Aside from hydration, we need clean water for all our bathing and cleaning activities inside and outside the house. But what if your water stinks?

The Causes of Rotten Egg Smell in the Water System

This smell is a sign of the presence of anaerobic bacteria in your water system. With water heaters, the existence of anaerobic bacteria reacts with sulfur, magnesium, and aluminum sacrificial anodes, and produce hydrogen sulfide gas.

In cases of well-water smelling like rotten eggs, hydrogen sulfide gas can be created either by bacteria living in the well, or by groundwater contamination.

Safety Concerns Surrounding The Drinking of Smelly Water

While it’s safe to assume that anything that smells rotten is dangerous, according to the experts sulfur bacteria are not harmful to consume.

Unless the source of the gas is from sewage or pollution, there’s no need to panic. However, no one will drink from a foul-smelling water source. People will also think twice to take a shower when they know about the smelly issue.

Although sulfur bacteria are harmless, it is important to remove the gas from your water source. Sulfur water can turn metal items to a blackish color when exposed to the fluid on a regular basis. In addition, people with sulfur water face the constant challenges of washing clothes and keeping them clean.

Health Risks Associated with Hydrogen Sulfide Exposure

According to the studies conducted on hydrogen sulfide, there are no health effects found in human exposure to sulfur water. However, the presence of sulfur in your water may irritate the eyes, throat, and nose. In severe cases, sulfur water may cause difficulty in breathing for asthmatic residents.

How Hydrogen Sulfide is Produced in Water Heaters

The ideal environment for the conversion of sulfate to hydrogen sulfide gas is within a water heater. The warm environment creates a perfect habitat for the anaerobic bacteria. In addition, the warm environment encourages and sustains the reaction between sulfate in the water and the anode rod of the water heater. The anode rod in water heaters is made of magnesium metal that helps in the conversion of sulfate to hydrogen sulfide gas.

How Do I Fix the Rotten Egg Smell in My Water?

Finding the source of the hydrogen sulfide is key to eliminating the stench. With the right solution, you can get rid of the bad odor in the water.

AquaOx’s RE “Rotten Egg” edition is an efficient water filtration system built specially for the removal of sulfur and iron from your water source. The product is a cost-effective filtration system which iodizes iron and sulfur while dissolving oxygen to the water. The media bed inside the system removes the iron and sulfur from the water to eliminate foul odor and taste.

Unlike some filtration system, the RE Edition does not require complicated maintenance to maintain its optimum performance. With a daily backwash, you can remove the iron accumulated in the media bed. The backwashing process regenerates the RE Edition filter, by removing the contaminants that collected on its surface.

This filter will last up to ten years or more between replacement, lowering ownership costs.

You don’t need special skills to install the AquaOx RE Edition. All you have to do is connect the main inlet to the main water line of the house. You then connect the line from the filter, into the house.

Lastly, attach the PVC line to the backwash outlet and plug the filtration system into a regular power outlet. The simple installation requires little to no plumbing skill.

Once installed, you can say goodbye to the nasty odor of sulfur in the water. Enjoy clean and clear water whenever you take a shower, bathe, drink and cook from your line. You can also wash your clothes without worries of stains from the water source.

Overall, the RE Edition is a proven solution because it accomplishes its goal of eliminating unpleasant odor in the water system. If you noticed the presence of hydrogen sulfide gas in your water supply lately, install the RE Edition from AquaOX!

Hydrogen Sulfide Overview

Why Does My Water Smells Like Rotten Eggs?

The common cause is high-level of hydrogen sulfide gas and sulfur bacteria from your water source. In some cases, the smell may be caused by community hazards such as nearby chemical labs, landfill, and oil spills in the area. The high level of sulfur in the source can change the smell and quality of the water. If you’ve noticed the funny smell in your water, there’s a big chance you are going to experience some problems with your drinking, cooking, washing and cleaning water.

How to Address the Hydrogen Sulfide in the Water?

There are two options. These are water filter systems, or bottled water. Of the three solutions, a high-quality water filter is the best option. A good filtration system helps eliminate sulfur bacteria and hydrogen sulfide gas from the water that passes through the faucets in the house. Filters like AquaOx RE edition and whole house water filter traps sulfur in the filter media and washes them off the system to remove the unpleasant odor and taste. The filter system improves the overall quality of the water in your house.

Is Sulfur in Water Harmful to Your Health?

According to research, sulfur alone in water should not be a cause for alarm. However, prolonged exposure to contaminants in the water have potential health effects. Hydrogen sulfide in extremely high level is poisonous. Regular sulfur intake in large amounts can lead to dehydration since it acts as a laxative. Sulfur bacteria caused by sewage problems can cause health problems.

How Do I Know If There is Sulfur in My Water?

For the average individual, the only way to tell if there’s sulfur in the water is when you notice that funky smell in your water. Water testing kits include a sulfate test to determine the presence of the mineral from your water source. You can do the water testing on your own by buying a water testing kit and have it checked in the laboratory afterward. Another way to get your water inspected for sulfur content is by hiring a professional. Either way, these are straightforward approaches to address the problem.

Why Does My Cold Water Smell Like Rotten Egg?

The usual culprit of is the high amount of contaminants like iron and sulfur. If the source is a well, chances are there’s high level of iron that requires your immediate attention. Sulfur and bacteria can also make cold water smell unpleasant. Traces of hydrogen sulfide can also contributes to the funny smell.

Is Water That Smells Like Rotten Egg Safe to Drink?

Despite its unpleasant odor and taste, water with sulfur and hydrogen sulfide in acceptable level is safe to drink. In most cases, it is the result of sulfur and hydrogen sulfide. However, if the cause of the smell is due to sewer, chemical labs, and other problems caused by the community, then you should address the issue right away to prevent serious health problems. Sulfur in small amounts is safe to drink. If you can stand the odor and taste, then there’s no reason not to use the water in your house.

My Shower Water Has A Sewer Gas Odor. What Should I Do?

The first thing you need to do when you noticed a foul smell in your water is to get it tested. You can either do this using water testing kits or ask an expert to do it for you. The best solution for such water issues is to set up a reliable and efficient whole house water filter system. You’ll find different filter systems sold in the market today. Choose the product that can address your water problem with much success.

What Are the Effects of Sulfur Water on Hair?

There’s actually no negative effects when you use sulfur-contaminated water on your hair. In fact, sulfur is good for skin and hair as it has a vital role in the general health of the human body. Sulfur encourages hair growth and good skin condition when used in appropriate amounts. Unfortunately, too much of anything can be harmful to our health. It can also leave you feeling and smelling dirty. Constant exposure can trigger allergies and respiratory problems. Therefore, the experts would recommend you remove contaminants in your water and use sulfur as treatment.

How to Test for Hydrogen Sulfide in Water?

The easiest way to test for hydrogen sulfide in water is with water test strips or kits. These DIY test kits are easy to use by homeowners. Another way to test your water for hydrogen sulfide is by hiring the service of professional plumbers. They can check the water parameters for you. Either way, testing for contaminants should tell you about the condition of your water and the presence of sulfur in the source

*NOTE: Not all water contains all contaminants discussed. No water purifying system can remove 100% of every contaminant.  If you have a concern about a specific contaminant, please contact us.

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