AquaOx RE Edition (Fixes Rotten Egg Smell)



The AquaOx RE Edition was created for extreme rotten egg smell situations. If you can smell it across the room or at the front door after you take a shower, you will need this in conjunction with the AquaOx as a bundle to solve your issue. If you have to bend down to the faucet to smell it and it’s not an overwhelming smell in the room, then the main AquaOx by itself will remedy this.

Download the AquaOx RE Edition Manual

AquaOx RE Rotten Eggs
AquaOx RE Edition (Fixes Rotten Egg Smell) $1,999.00

The AquaOx Advantage

  • 30 days easy returns
  • Orders before 12pm typically have same day dispatch
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Best Tasting Water On The Planet
  • Premium Filtration Above All Other Systems
Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Delivers The Purest Water To Your Entire Home (Drinking Water, Shower, Bath Tub, Washing Machine, Dishwasher, etc.)

The AquaOx Is Maintenance Free and you never have replacement filters which makes our system have the lowest lifetime cost on the market.

Usually Ships LTL FREE Within 24 Hours On A Custom Built, Secured Pallet Straight To Your Door. Your Estimated Delivery Date Is: May 1

No questions asked, 30 days return policy.

No questions asked, 30 days return policy.

10-Year Warranty To Cover Anything – But System Lasts The Average Family of 4 20+ Years

The Best Backwash Efficiencies Using Double Vortech Technology Unlike Any Others On The Market

We Use Only The Highest Grade Of Filtration Media Available In The Industry To Create The Purest Output Of Water To Every Faucet.

We 100% Guarantee You Will Be Satisfied With The AquaOx and Will Love It For Life

Your Water Pressure Will Stay Unaffected After Filtration.

Our Filter Uses A Multi-Stage Filtration Process To Ensure Proper Filtration And Surface Time.

The President Of AquaOx Is A Disabled Veteran And Proudly Served Our Country. If You Serve Or Have Served, Ask Us About Our Veterans Discount.

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Extreme Rotten Egg Smell, Whole House


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