The principal use for the volatile liquid is as a solvent for organic materials in the dry-cleaning industry. Tetrachloroethene is also an excellent degreasing solvent in the metalworking and automotive industries.

What are the Health Risks Associated with Tetrachloroethene?

Individuals who drink tetrachloroethene contaminated water are prone to liver damages. Prolonged exposure may lead to increased chances of getting cancer. Drinking water with high concentrations of tetrachloroethene may cause damages to the central nervous system.

It can also affect the development of the eyes, ears, and central nervous system of the individuals who drink the contaminated water. The chemical may also cause reproductive effects to the exposed individual.

How Does Tetrachloroethene Get into Your Drinking Water?

Through improper waste management and storage, the liquid chemical can get into water systems near industrial factories. Without proper handling, factories contribute to its release into the environment.

How Does Tetrachloroethene Get into Your Drinking Water?

Fortunately, tetrachloroethene is more common in soil than in water. However, it still poses a great threat to water systems near industrial factories.

What is the Best Reduction Media for Removing Tetrachloroethene from Drinking Water?

A water filter system with granular activated carbon (GAC) can reduce the level of contaminant to below 0.005 mg/L or 5ppm. The water treatment system works best with packed tower aeration to eliminate the pollutant in your feed water. AquaOx’s water filtration systems come with the best media to get rid of tetrachloroethene and other contaminants in the water. Preventing health risks associated with impurities in your drinking water is now easier with a water filter system. If you’re looking for a solution to your water issue, then get a whole house water filter today!

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