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Got Chlorine In Your Water? We Remove That.

The AquaOx Removes Chlorine

Chlorine is a toxic gas that irritates the respiratory system. In its liquid and solid form, it is used as a bleaching and disinfecting agent. Chlorine is added to many municipal water systems as a disinfectant. Chlorine can react with other materials present in water and may generate disinfection by-products that can damage human health. The AquaOx whole house water filter can remove the harmful chlorine from your water and keep your body going strong.

Chlorine is one of the biggest household air pollutants. When you take a shower the chlorine is released into the air for you to breath Not to mention you will absorb more chlorine in a 5-minute shower than you can drink all day. TTHM’s (trihalomethanes) are a cancer-causing carcinogen that is created when chlorine comes in contact with bacteria or other living organisms in the water on it’s way to your house. It kills it but is is not removed from the water. This is what you do not want to ingest.

Chlorine Water Filter Overview

*NOTE: Not all water contains all contaminants discussed. No water purifying system can remove 100% of every contaminant. If you have a concern about a specific contaminant, please contact us.

Water purity is the most important for homeowners. It touches every area of our lives.

For homeowners, a system that treats all of the water in the entire house is by far the best choice.

Since treating all the water that comes into your home is no easy task, you need to invest in a filtration system that effectively traps and gets rid of contaminants.

Unlike conventional systems that call for heavy maintenance and replacements of a filter cartridge, AquaOx’s filter uses a backflush system that lowers lifetime costs. The backwashing process involves the reversing of the flow of water to access the bottom of the filter beds. Backwashing triggers a cleaning process by lifting and rinsing the filter beds (filter medium) as the water passes through the bottom going to the top of the filter tank.

The maintenance process reduces the maintenance cost as it decreases the need to buy new filter cartridges for the system.

Contaminant Exposure

Chlorine and other contaminants in the water we bathe and drink may have short-term and long-term effects on our health. The purpose of filter systems in our homes is to reduce any contaminants present in the water. Our chlorine filter provides clean and clear water to every faucet in your home on a daily basis.

Constant exposure to chlorine, aluminum, sulfur and other elements in the water used for drinking, bathing, cooking, and washing of clothes will have adverse effects on your health. Although water is filtered at the municipal level before it goes into your home, the chlorine and aluminum from the water source is not removed at that level. These contaminants should be removed before being used and consumed.

Fortunately, our water filtration systems reduce the level of toxins in the water. Tap water toxins include lead, copper, iron, hydrogen sulfide, and arsenic.

Aside from harmful contaminants, disease-causing microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites are found in some water sources. Without human intervention, these microorganisms can cause disease through the use and consumption of water. The sediment pre-filter catches and eliminates these bad microorganisms before they get into your pipelines.

Multiple filtration phases improve the quality and taste of the water.

Are You Allergic To Your Water?

If you are experiencing allergy symptoms check your water for allergens. Chlorine and other toxins in our tap water may contribute to a high histamine load in some people.

Tap water is also used for washing clothes, cleaning the car, and washing kitchen utensils aside from its body hydration purposes. Washing clothes with tap water may start the symptoms of your allergies.

Chlorine caught in the clothes after washing may irritate the skin and the respiratory tract. Most of the time, we don’t expect allergens from the water because of the misconception that allergies are triggered by food, pollen, dust and other common allergens. With our chlorine reduction system, you can have a peace of mind knowing you and your family are safe from allergens.

Clean Smelling Water

Whether your water smells like a rotten egg or not, you need to make sure it is safe for you and your kids to drink. Drinking impure water may cause health problems in the long run. Impurities in the water will affect the health of the people living in the house, as well as the pets. A filtration system purifies and turns the water that flows through every faucet pristine and safe for drinking.

When connected to the main line, our system treats all the water that enters your house.

What Size Filter Do You Need?

The size of a person’s home plays a vital role in choosing the perfect filter system. Inaccurately sized filters will decrease water pressure while an oversized filtration is expensive and unnecessary. So, finding the right size is what you need for your home. There are different ways to get an idea of what size of water filter would fit your filtration needs. The number of bathrooms, square footage of the house, and the number of faucets will give you an idea on the correct size.


AquaOx’s filtration system does not require special skills to set up in your home. You don’t need a plumber to install the filter system.
In general, all you need is an inlet, an outlet, and a power source to get your filter system set up and running.
However, if you don’t want to get your hands dirty, you can hire a professional plumber to set it up for you. Either way, the AquaOx has simple inlet and outlet connections that are easy to understand and connect.

Small Size

The best thing about our filter system is that it fits in closets and garages. Sometimes, the reason why most customers stay away from these systems is that of the unpleasant view they create in the house.

The good thing about the equipment is it is small enough to be hidden from sight. If you want to maintain the beauty of your home while enjoying protection from water contaminants, then AquaOx’s filter is the best option.

Don’t Filter Essential Nutrients!!!

While the filtration process cleans the passing water through the main line, essential minerals are left to preserve its great taste.

Additionally, our body benefits from the good minerals we get from drinking water. Since AquaOx does not mess with the beneficial minerals, you can rest assured your body isn’t deprived of the positive things while eliminating all the bad ones.

Our system doesn’t affect the pH level to avoid pH fluctuations that can be bad for your health and budget (pipe repairs). While small fluctuation in pH level isn’t harmful to your health, consistent spikes can be detrimental. Because you want what’s best for your family, you will spend just to make sure you have a safe and acceptable pH level. Our filtration system makes sure you keep both your physical and financial health in check.

Longer Appliance Lifespan

Another benefit you don’t want to miss when you get a water filter system is the extended life of your dishwasher. Upon its installation in your home, you will quickly notice an improvement in the water used for the cleaning and washing of dishes. When you screen and eliminate impurities, your water improves the efficiency of your dishwasher. Thus extending the life of your equipment.

According to research, scale building up in the pipelines makes it more difficult for your dishwasher and other types of equipment that use water. Aside from regular cleaning of the dishwasher to preserve its condition and improve its life, filtration helps improve the performance of the water-using appliances. Another improvement you’ll notice when your filtration system is up and running is the lessened spotting on the silverware and glassware. The culprit behind watermarks on our glassware and silverware are the scale deposits in the water. Once you have AquaOx installed, you will see the improvements in your cleaning performance.

Just like with dishwashers, washing machines also benefit from a filter system. Since filters purify the water passing through the pipelines throughout the house, impurities that can damage our appliances are eliminated in the filtration process. Most of us are worried about the harmful elements in the water that can create chronic health issues. We often overlook the importance of clean water for our appliances. With AquaOx’s design, your water-using appliances are safe and secured for the long haul. Water impurities are also harsh to your clothes. So keeping impurities out of the water line improves the longevity of our clothes.

Although rust in the water is not a definite sign of health hazard, quick action is required to improve water quality and condition. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the limits for iron in our drinking water are based on taste, smell, and color. While addressing iron is not due to safety concerns, mostly everyone will not drink water with a bad taste, odor, and color. If your water source contains high levels of iron, AquaOx filter system can remove rust with high efficiency. The filter tanks catch rust and other harmful elements before they reach the faucets in your home. Although not all water sources contain contaminants, use a reliable system in case you have rust problems. The reason why I said to use a reliable one is that some filtration systems do not efficiently get rid of rust and other contaminants.

Activated charcoal is a prime material used in our system. The reason why we use activated charcoal is due to its effectiveness in removing toxins. As a natural filter, the filter media does not have chemical compounds that can strip off salts and minerals in the water. Some filters remove the “important stuff” in the water that is healthy for the human body. Activated charcoal makes the water healthier by improving its quality and taste. As a filtration media, activated charcoal is cheaper without sacrificing its performance as a filter. The medium is also a lot easier to clean and maintain compared to other media used in other water filters. There are many good reasons why the use of activated charcoal in most filtration systems is popular nowadays.

If you are hesitant to use AquaOx’s filter since you already have a Reverse Osmosis system, you can set up and run the filtration equipment with RO. Our filter can remove many of the larger impurities before it gets to your RO system, lengthening the filter life of your RO system and helping you reach a higher level of water purity. Since our system addresses most of your water concerns, you can skip the installation of RO. However, if you want to use Reverse Osmosis, you can do so since there will be no complications between the two systems.

Additional Bacteria Filter Available

Water from wells usually comes with bacteria that can be harmful to our health as well as to our loved ones. There are many potential contaminants in well-water that can have adverse impacts on our health. Regular intake of water with radionuclides can cause health problems such as kidney diseases and increase the risk of cancer. Before your drink water from the well, it is important to get it checked to ensure clean and safe drinking water. AquaOx offers a disinfection filter that kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses present in well-water. Take adequate measure in eliminating viruses and bacteria to avoid health problems caused by bad microorganisms in your drinking water. Our disinfection filter takes care of the bad guys to keep you healthy and happy.

AquaOx achieves excellent purification results through a proven, efficient filtration and anti-bacterial process. For its cost, you get high-quality filtration with zero maintenance and peace of mind to go along with healthier water for drinking, cleaning, cooking, and washing purposes.

Purchase and install AquaOx’s filter system and never look back. We promise great results because what we have is proven and tested to the highest standard.

contact us today, and learn more about our amazing product!

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